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Rends R-1 Starter Set with Feel Mont Blanc Review


Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our Best Bullet Vibrators Under $30 instead!


The Rends R-1 vibration system is unlike anything I’ve tried or even hear of before. Essentially, the Starter Set is a control box, similar to a remote control, that has various vibrating, rotating, and pulsating attachments. The starter set comes with a traditional bullet vibrator, which plugs into the control box to deliver 8 different vibration patterns at 7 strong intensities. In has incredible variety – and great power! The Feel Mont Blanc is another attachment which offers rotating and vibrating sensations. Again, the vibrator can be controlled to 7 different intensities – which the rotation offers 8 different patterns. The uniqueness of this toy is incredible, and I love how you can totally customize your experience – whether you prefer a lighter vibration, strong pulsation, or something different entirely! The other attachments – including an internal wand, a male masturbator, and a nipple stimulator – seem even more imaginative and exciting. The concept of this toy is seriously awesome – and in general, the quality of the vibrations is great! I just wish that it were made out of higher quality materials, rather than porous rubber and cheap-looking plastic – because the motor is really great, and the concept of the design is totally awesome!

Name: Rends R-1 Starter Set with Controller & Bach Rotor + Feel Mont Blanc attachment
Type: Clitoral VibratorVibrators, Rotators
By: Rends

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: 7 Speeds8 PatternsTravel Friendly, Battery, Rotation

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The Design

The controller for the Rends R-1 system is essentially a remote control with an old school iPod click wheel. The middle button does nothing (or at least, I haven’t found a use for it). The top and bottom buttons control the vibration speed or power, intuitively that up is more powerful, and down is less powerful. The left and right buttons cycle through all patterns, backwards or forwards. More about the patterns and speeds in the next section! You turn the toy on using a switch on the left side, pushing it to the middle setting. If you want your vibration to stay permanently, you can click the switch again to the last setting. The control box is powered by 4 AA batteries. While the design and concept of this is lovely, I do wish it was made of higher quality materials. Instead, it is a cheap plastic box that feels more flimsy than a remote control. It is so cheap that it actually broke apart within a minute of me opening the toy. The front of the remote dis-attached and fell off of the bottom part, revealing all the computer boards inside. I had to put all the pieces together, but they didn’t simply snap in. I had to seal it with tape! This is an okay temporary fix, but I’ll have to dis-assemble and re-assemble again when I need to change the batteries. For an expensive toy, that aspect is definitely disappointing.

The Bach Rotor is the standard vibrating bullet attachment that comes with the toy. If for any reason it breaks, you can also buy the attachment separately. It is made of hard plastic. The design is overall good and typical, except for two odd parts. It has a rubber piece that goes around the base of the bullet, to cover a seam. This can be moved or removed, but it just seems out of place. Since the toy is not waterproof, it isn’t meant to keep water out of the seam. So, I assume it’s either to just hide the seam, or be used as a hand grip. Unfortunately, this odd design means the crevices and easily hold and breed bacteria from your lady bits. Similarly, the Bach Rotor has a pocket indentation at the top of the toy. This is meant to provide different sensations, but again, makes harboring and breeding bacteria easy. This vibrator would have been best if it were smooth, sleek, and had no nooks and crannies for your juices to get stuck in.

Another attachment, the Feel Mont Blanc, has a very unique yet puzzling design. It offers both vibration and rotation. When plugged in, the entire toy vibrations, and the upper portion rotates with several patterns. It is made of a plastic base, and a soft rubber top which features several tentacles set around a circle. Simply put, the rubber is an awful material choice for an otherwise great toy. Rubber is porous, so can easily harbor bacteria – and it can never be fully cleaned properly. You cannot wash this toy in water to clean it, because it is not waterproof – nor can you remove the rubber portion to clean it separately. It is a total dust and goo magnet, and gets really gross really quickly.  Instead, silicone would have been a great choice – and would have been even better if the sleeve could be removed for cleaning. As it is, it’s seriously germ city. Even though the textured design feels nice, it’s hard for me to get over the grossness of the material.

Vibration & Rotation

The vibrations of the Bach Rotor and Feel Mont Blanc are surprisingly strong – definitely in the ranks of some of my favorite toys like the Tango and Duet. They are incredibly powerful at the higher speeds, and mid-level at the lowest speeds. Those who prefer light vibrations, look elsewhere! This is for ladies who crave power. There are seven vibration speeds, and 8 unique patterns – all of which can be easily controlled, and are indicated by lights on the remote. Each pattern can be set to any vibration power / speed.

The patterns are:

  1. Steady Vibration
  2. Pulses
  3. Gradual Low to High Vibration, then promptly down to Low (not like a roller coaster)
  4. Low to High to Low to High (roller coaster vibration)
  5. Very Low Pulses
  6. Steady High Vibration, then gradually down to low
  7. Several Low Pulses, then one long High pulse
  8. Low vibration, then gradually up to High, then High pulses, pulses gradually down to Low

These vibrations are all very unique, and very pleasurable! The diagram below shows a visual representation of the vibrations. Note that they only include 7 vibrations – for each of the patterns, excluding the steady vibration. I included the steady vibration as the first pattern, so our descriptions are off by one.

The Feel Mont Blanc rotator has a single steady vibration setting, of which the speed / power can controlled using the up and down arrows, to the same 7 strengths / speeds. Instead of vibration patterns, the Feel Mont Blanc has rotation patterns. They are a variety of different speeds and intensities – ranging from short rotations to full rotations. Some are very pleasurable, while others are way too intense for my preferences. Either way, the rotation has a very unique sensation that would be perfect for someone interested in a novel rotating stimulation!

The rotations are best described using the diagram below:

Pros & Cons


  • Interesting concept
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Tons of variety for speeds and settings


  •  Porous materials that are impossible to clean
  • Rotation isn’t very pleasurable
  • Controller feels cheap and broke instantly


I really love the quality of the vibrations – both in intensity and variety of patterns. In that sense, the Rends system is a very high-quality toy. However, I didn’t like the materials, and think that the system has a few design flaws – particularly for the Feel Mont Blanc attachment. I can deal with the cheap plastic controller, and the annoying crevices of the Bach Rotor bullet – but I can’t deal with the impossible to clean rubber of the Feel Mont Blanc. If I was going to get this toy again, I’d get just the Starter Kit with the Bach Rotor, and I’d try the internal wand attachment, or nipple attachment, instead! The concept of this toy kit is really great, and would be fabulous for anyone who craves a mid-level to stronger vibration… so long as they can look past a few design flaws. The Rends system delivers powerful, unique vibrations – which would be pleasurable for a wide range of toy enthusiasts!

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our Best Bullet Vibrators Under $30 instead!


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