Final MINX!

Hey lovelies!

Our giveaway has come to a close, and after a tremendous voting period from you all – we’ve crowned the winner of our FINAL SHIRI ZINN RED MINX!!

Your votes secured Shiri’s own video as the winner of public votes – which means Shiri herself chose who would be the lucky winner of one Shiri Zinn red Minx, based on tweets and participation in the giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS to the creator or video #1 AND #5 – who created 2 incredible, creative videos that showed both bravery and talent! For your inspiring participation, you’re the winner of a Shiri Zinn red Minx!

Thank you to all who participated, voted, and voyeured! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Shiri this year!!

SGP & Shiri Zinn


Get a RED MINX for XMAS!


We have the final TWIST to this amazing Minx Giveaway – just in time for the holidays!

To all you voyeurs who’ve been watching our Minx giveaway videos – This is a chance to WIN a gorgeous RED Minx — PLUS a special Slutty Girl Problems surprise prize pack!

TO ENTER: Of the 4 trail blazer videos below, please VOTE for your favorite! Simply tweet @sluttygrlprobs and @shirizinn with the number corresponding with your favorite video – and why YOU want to win! Vote for the video that best speaks to you!

  1. Iggy Azaela “Fancy” Parody – Video Download Here!
  2. Shiri Zinns’ Badly Behaved Burka –
  3. Tati’s Virtual Dance –
  4. Morgan’s “Because I Got High” –
  5. Jingle Bells “I’m A Slut” Parody –

The video that gets the MOST votes before December 21st will win an additional RED Minx for the holidays.

OR if Shiri Zinn’s video wins (#2), we will SEND 1 red Minx to our FAVORITE VOTER for “BEST TWEET AWARD” – for a tweet you send us from now until January 2nd!

AND – ONE LUCKY VOTER will win a special Slutty Girl Problems prize pack, full of sexy surprises!

If you SUBMIT A VIDEO before December 21st – you may also win a gorgeous pink (4 left) OR red Minx!! Only 3 RED beauties left!!!

So go on, SUBMIT & VOTE for YOUR favorite – to WIN! WE DARE YOU!



NOTE: All winners must be from US or CANADA ONLY – or have a US / Canada address for shipping!

This Giveaway is BACK!

Ladies & gents!

The MINX giveaway is back after the summer break, as promised, so ALL followers have the opportunity to enter to win these incredible, Swarovski studded, deluxe vibrators – in their designer snakeskin luxury cases – as owned by Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Baby Spice and more….

It’s back with a TWIST!!! Read on in amazement and see the CRAZY-DIPPY-SEXY video demo below created featuring SHIRI ZINN, the designer herself!

Now, you can make any kind of video parody to win – with or without singing along! We have 6 gorgeous Minx vibrators left – so grab your friends and enter before these GO! Remember, if you make a video with friends who also feature in it ALL OF YOU win a Minx!

SGP & Shiri Zinn


Shiri Zinn’s Video Parody

Here is Shiri’s own fun video below to demonstrates the type of clip that can be created to your FAVE track! (She’s the demo dancer!)

What our first winner has to say:

“I’ve always had the same kind of orgasms. Rub it out until you feel it peaking, rub furiously, get over that hill into ecstasy, then done.​ So, I was confused when using the Minx for the first time.

I’m so glad no one was home when I first tried it out because I was SCREAMING. This was a type of orgasm I’d only seen experienced in porn. Instead of one orgasm peak then done, it was like constant orgasms. It was honestly exhausting. I have this idea in my head that it was too good and I didn’t know how to handle it, so I literally had to sit on this vibe to not pull it away from pleasure shock. The motor on this thing is perfect and I’ll never get over those perfect rolling orgasms that keep my head full of white noise from start to finish.

Shiri Zinn, You’re a wizard. Thank you. Thank you SO much.”

Video Review of the Minx

A few words to our winners from Shiri:

“It’s such an honour to witness this COOL sense of self-empowered, individual expression in these videos! You girls are onto such a great thing by tapping into your OWN unique sense of self-expression that represents both sensual & sexual individuality and a unique  sense of self-branding. It shows that YOUR generation of women really celebrates power & confidence in personal sexual expression that can then permeate into many other levels of your life and INSPIRE female collective confidence on a large scale!  It’s all connected when SEXUAL POWER is harnessed and young girls are so proud of who they ARE & how they FEEL, and so aware of their right to express themselves freely that can often empower others to express who they ARE too! Loving it! That’s how many female style, music & fashion icons and creatives also do it! POWER TO YOU!” ~ Shiri Zinn



Release your inner sex-kitten and feel like a celebrity when you win one of Shiri Zinn’s designer Minx vibrators – loved by stars like Angelina Jolie, Ivana Trump, Kate Moss, and Baby Spice! This gorgeous pink Minx vibe (retailing over $140) features a detachable feather tail and 12 pink Swarovski crystals along its stainless steel cap. Each comes in a handcrafted snake skin box with satin lining. It’s beautiful design, stunning details, and strong motor make the Minx a true luxury toy that’s more than just a toy – but a work of art. This piece of erotic couture is for girls who seek the royal treatment and strive to live in the lap of luxury.

Read my review here, then win your own with our YouTube challenge! YouTube Challenge / Giveaway Details below!

YouTube Challenge

We love to obsess over our favorite slutty stars – and sometimes, even dream of being one ourselves. Now, you can feel like a celebrity with your own Minx vibrator – and act like your favorite celebrity in our YouTube challenge to win one! Seven people will win! (As of 11/24, three prizes have been awarded. 4 left!)

Use your sexy, seductive, creative imaginations to parody, sing along, or rip-off a hot music video or song from your favorite slutty stars. Whether your parody is funny, sassy, or sexy – we want to see it! Wear whatever makes you feel like a sex kitten – whether it’s your lingerie, clubwear, costume, or your favorite pair of yoga pants or daisy dukes.

Video Must Be:

  • A sing-a-long, parody, or rip-off of a music video or song. It can be as simple as you singing along in your bedroom in pajamas! (UPDATE: No need to sing! Any music-inspired video will be accepted.)
  • You can make the video solo, or with your friends! Everyone in the winning video will be sent a Minx vibrator (max: 4). Guys & girls can win!
  • PG-13! (We know you ladies are very sexy, but YouTube must be semi-family-friendly!)
  • Less than 3 minutes long (minimum, 30 seconds).
  • Use an interesting prop as a microphone! (Optional)
  • Make sure your videos have a clear picture and sound.
  • Video may not contain drugs, nudity, pornography, or anything that is illegal in the United States, or wherever you live.
  • Contest is only open to those living in the continental US or Canada.

Upload your video on YouTube, with a name, “Minx”, and “SGP” in the title. In the description, write that it is for Shiri Zinn and Slutty Girl Problem’s Minx Giveaway.

Also include our website links – and – in the description to enter!

EMAIL the link to [email protected] so we see your entry!


4 Winners!

Winners will be picked by our “judgement panel” – SGP Editors and Shiri Zinn – based on quality, overall sexiness, and the number of views and likes. Share the video to increase your chances. Popular, high-quality videos will really get our attention! All ladies shown in the winning video will win a Minx vibrator (maximum 4). If there are less than 4 girls in the winning video, the second video will win Minx vibrators, and so on, until all 4 Minx vibes are spoken for!

When the giveaway is over, we’ll share the winning video(s) on our website and Twitter! If there are lots of fabulous submissions and we’re lucky, Shiri Zinn may surprise us with something unexpected!


Need some inspiration?

Tiesto’s music video for “Wasted” perfectly shows how to make a cute pajama-themed sing-a-long to one of your favorite songs! Of course, this video is incredibly professional – but you can totally easily make a YouTube sing-a-long with your BFFs right from your bedroom! Cute, sweet, fabulous, and fun!

This video also has the Retro flare and style that inspired Shiri Zinn’s iconic new Cupcake vibe! If Shiri Zinn really likes the style of your video, she could throw in a few retro Cupcake vibrators – which would be on a wait, as they’re currently SOLD OUT!



Reader Submitted Videos!!

6/25 Update – Shiri and I loved Sorority Whorethority‘s video (below) so much, that we couldn’t help ourselves to award a prize early… and send her the very first Minx! Congratulations!

There’s still more time to submit and win your own… we don’t believe in delaying the gratification of pleasure, so if we love it, we may send your Minx right away, too!

6/20 – Our first video submission by Sorority Whorethority has original lyrics to Iggy Azalia’s “Fancy”! Shiri Zinn says it has, “a cool sense of minimalism, artistic clever editing, and a very sexy voice”! Great submission, trailblazer!

Minx Submission Video Here!


Congratulations to our third winner!

Note: This giveaway is sponsored by Shiri Zinn. Must be 18 or older to enter. Open only to US and Canada Residents.