Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend “We’ve Never… But We Will” instead.

If you’re looking for a fun, innovative game to play with your partner, another couple, or an open-minded group – look no further than The Game of Sex. Recently nominated for both the XBIX award for Game of the Year – and also the SHE awards for Best Toy for Couples – The Game of Sex is designed to bring sensual fun out of the bedroom and into everyday life. The questions and actions are designed encourage the sharing of fantasies and secrets, inspire fun, flirty foreplay, and give you the opportunity to explore new sexual adventures with your partner or a group! It’s the only game out there that gradually progresses from fun and flirtatious temptations, to full sexual indulgence – rather than naughty dice or cards, which throw you right into the action. With over 600 different actions, questions, actions, and suggestions – you’ll never repeating the same action twice. You can also easily personalize the game with House Rules, picking the pace of the game, incorporate drinks or props, or using chips to skip certain questions or actions that you may be uncomfortable with. With awesome questions and great gameplay, The Game of Sex is definitely THE BEST sex game I’ve ever played (and honestly, that’s really saying something!).

Questions & Actions

The game is split up into four sets of cards – “First Base”, “Second Base”, “Third Base, and “Home Plate”. As expected, the card categories get more intense and sexually expressive as your progress through the game, from First Base to Home Plate. Each card contains different types of actions, which are determined by which space you fall on on the board. Some actions are about sharing fantasies, secrets, or experiences, others encourage you to remove clothing, some are acted out like charades, some are like mini-games with a little reward for the winner or punishment for the loser, and the best are actions are those which you do to a partner or have done to you (including positions!). All of the questions and actions are unique, creative, flirtatious, fun, and designed to get your sensual explorations flowing. They aren’t designed to make anyone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed – though if a particular question isn’t for you, you can absolutely pass (or create a house rule, where passing means you remove a bit of clothing, have a drink, kiss you partner, or something else!)

Game play is incredibly simple. Roll the die, land on a spot, pick up a card, read the question, play or pass. For group play, a spinner is included, so you can easily pick a random partner to “play” with when your question or action requires a partner. You can also add your own house rules. The Rule Book suggests a few naughty additional rules, and gives a bit of space for you to brainstorm and add your own!

The Cards

The First Base cards are designed to be flirty, fun, and introductory. The actions include things like whispering naughty things and compliments into your partner’s ear, talking about fantasies and experiences, holding a yoga pose, having a drink, giving or receiving a foot massage, and lightly touching or kissing one another. All of the actions are on the romantic, flirtatious, exploratory, and fun end of the spectrum. They are a great warm-up to get you feeling a little giggly, tipsy, and turned on. They’re great if you’re starting your night with the game, and need a little push to get your sexuality bubbling. But, if you’ve already had a few drinks and are ready to get saucy, skip ahead to second base!

The Second Base cards are more sensual and exploratory. The questions are a bit naughtier, the actions a bit more sexual, and overall the cards are a bit more blush-worthy. They are still on the lighter end of the spectrum in general, but some of the questions definitely turn on the heat. Mixed among “First Base” level questions, you’ll be asked to do things like run your tongue along your partner’s nipples, pour and take shots off your partner’s body, fondle a bit during a massage, take a drink “Never Have I Ever” style, and do various things with your nipples (rubbing them on your partner, teasing them with your partner’s mouth, and other creative ideas). These cards definitely turn up the heat, and will get your giggles going!

The Third Base cards are the closest you’ll get to sex without actually having it in this game. Each card contains a different oral sex position, which is one of 5 options you may get. The positions are all generally comfortable and plausible – but not necessarily the standard ones you’d think of. You’ll definitely have fun experimenting with some new sensations if you land on that spot. If you land on the other 4 spots, the questions and actions are much more sexual and totally meant as “foreplay” rather than flirtatious, sensual, and fun. You’ll experience things like lap dances, inserting ben wa balls, creating fantasy sex positions, licking off food products, and touching & licking various below the belt places.

The Home Plate cards are the most risqué of all four. Like the Third Base cards, each card contains a different sex position, which is one of 5 options you may get. Each position is comfortable and plausible – and a step up from the traditional doggy and missionary positions you may be used to. You’ll be able to experience new sensations and explore with these options. If you land on the other 4 spots, the questions are incredibly sexual – and some, downright kinky! You’ll spread your partner open, use clothespins, have phone sex, use toys and ice cubes, experiment with various sex acts, try sex in new places, use your nails, and so much more! These cards are for the truly adventurous and sexually game – and props to you if you’re playing in a group! If you’re shy, save your “pass” tokens for now… with daring & adventurous questions, you may need them!

Solid Pace

I initially thought that the game would be very fast-paced, because between each of the bases, there is only 5 spaces (which correspond with the question categories on each card). So, I assumed that if you rolled a 5 or a 6 on the die – you would answer just one question from First Base – then already be at Second Base – and even sooner at Third! It seemed like the game would go way too quickly, giving you hardly any time to warm up before getting to the naughtier questions.

But, once we started playing – we were surprised to find that we kept rolling 1’s and 2’s, and progressing through the game at a totally reasonable pace. After inspecting the dice, we realized that there are ONLY 1’s and 2’s on the dice, so the pace of the game is perfect. It’s very gradual and gives you enough time to slowly explore questions are your comfort level, rather than feeling rushed. It also gives you plenty of time to finish a cocktail or two before getting really adventurous.

If you want the game to be more fast paced, there are two dice included that you can roll together to speed it up. This would be great for those who are already warmed up and tipsy, and are looking to get naughty ASAP. If you want to jump ahead to naughtier questions, but want keep the slow pace for maximum experience, you can also jump ahead to 2nd or 3rd base when you start the game. That way, you’ll get some naughtier questions, but still be able to experience a lot of them.

Design of the Board

My personal pet peeve about this game, and literally the only criticism I have, is the design and color scheme of the board itself. The concept is great – there are bases on each corner of the board, and 5 spaces between them, so you can easily figure it out and move around. But, the graphic design of the board is really un-sexy. It is dark and light green shading with purple and lime green text. Yuck. Who thought that would be sexy?! The purple text is hard to read on the dark green of the board, and the black text on the back of the purple cards is also hard to read. It’s really not a sexy, inviting, flirtatious, or fun combination at all. It would have been much better designed with sleek, sexy colors – like maybe black, red, and white – with contrasting brightness so that everything was easy to read. Otherwise, the game is flawless… just pulling it out for the first time makes you wonder what the heck the designers were thinking. I would love to see an updated version with a better look and color scheme – even if it’s just simple black and white!

Pros & Cons


  • Unique gameplay
  • Customizable to suit your preferences
  • Gradually works up to higher play levels
  • Lots of exciting questions
  • Can be played with couples or a group


  • Design is not very aesthetically appealing


I love The Game of Sex’s gameplay. It totally deserves to win the awards it’s nominated for – as it’s a great way to get sensual and creative with your partner. I love the creativity and explorative natural of the questions, and how to can gradually progress from adventurous questions, to fun, flirty foreplay, and finally some risqué adventures. It’s definitely best for those who are open-minded and comfortable with their partners, but you could even use it with a new partner or if you’re very shy by sticking to the First and Second base questions, and progressing only as you feel comfortable. I love how it doesn’t jump right into the action, and gives you time to warm up, laugh, have a drink, and explore. Although I wish the design was more appealing, the questions definitely make up for it. If you can look past some yucky color choices, you’ll be super pleased with the quality of questions and game play in The Game of Sex. I’d absolutely recommend it – it’s FABULOUS!

This product is no longer available. We recommend “We’ve Never… But We Will” instead.

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