In less than a month, Rise Gatherings is hosting their annual weekend retreat from May 18-20 in the Pocono Mountains of PA. This unique 3-day experience is designed to unite and empower self-identified women through enlightening workshops, interactive activities, and a supportive community of women that want to learn, grow, and explore!

We want you to join us for an incredible weekend of rejuvenation and transformation, designed for us to connect with other passionate women and nurture ourselves with empowering, uplifting experiences. If you are looking for a unique retreat experience that’s full of positive vibes, female empowerment and smart tools for taking care of yourself, all infused with some incredible workouts and nourishment, then this is for YOU!

Read more about Rise below, and head over Rise Gatherings‘ website and use code “SGP” to get $100 OFF your ticket price at checkout!

Personally, I’ve been on my own soul-searching and growing journey the past few months. I’ve been making changes in my life, relationships, and career to help me become the person I want to be – rather than feeling stuck in the same place I was a few years ago. Personal growth is really important to me, and I’ve been taking a more active role to transform my life.

So, when I stumbled upon Rise Gatherings, it felt like exactly the right time for me. The weekend aims to support your journey to finding your true self, all while empowering and uniting women. The experience is designed to promote personal growth, inspire connection, explore all aspects of womanhood, and celebrate life. It also builds a warm, nurturing, supportive community that gives you the tools to transform anything in your life – from love and relationships, to food and body, to career and finances, and best of all – your soul, through play, exploration, and adventure. If you desire an internal awakening and a strengthened sense of well-being, Rise is for you!

Why Rise?

Rise supports women on their self-actualization journey – helping us to create the empowered lives we crave, honor our passions and purpose, and give us the space and tools to deeply connect with ourselves and others. Rise is “a retreat for your mind, body, and soul… a weekend to play, grow, learn, and explore.” and an opportunity to nurture all aspects of your well being!

Come to Rise Gathering if you want to…

  • Become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Get inspired with workshops to pursue your passion and purpose.
  • Get the tools to master your emotions, body, and mind.
  • Come together with other women to nurture your self care.
  • Unplug, slow down from daily demands, and get back in touch with nature.
  • Connect with inspiring, supportive, empowering women.

Workshops We Can’t Wait For

Rise offers over 20 expert workshops to invigorate your mind, body, and soul. They have everything from exercise, yoga, and nutrition classes, to community acupuncture and meditation, to workshops about sexuality, pleasure, and our cycles. There’s even workshops to enhance your career and leadership skills!  Here’s some of the experiences we’re most looking forward to…

  • Expand your pleasure – Pleasure is your birthright! Enhance your connection with yourself and get the satisfaction you deserve. In the epic and transformational Awaken Your Pleasure Potential: Four Keys to Sensational Sex workshop, get the tools to put the power of pleasure in your hands.
  • Explore your cycle – In the Cycles + Sex workshop, learn the interconnectedness of menstrual, hormonal, reproductive and sexual health, and better understand the brilliance of your body and break limiting taboos.
  • Emotional mastery – Discover your patterns (which might be holding you back!) and learn how to shift into a growth state of mind. Beyond the Emotional Mastery workshop, the Be You Be Sure: The Four Steps to True Freedom will help you get in touch with your intuition and heart, and the Healing Arts Center will alleviate anxious feelings and support you in change in your relationships, career or life in general. Rising to Inhabit Your Power is another I can’t wait for!
  • Create your dream life – Learn vision and goal setting techniques to become the woman you are meant to be! Launching and Growing Your Business, Your Way is designed to help you rock your entrepreneur and leadership skills, and The Mindfulness Advantage in Women’s Leadership will help you flourish in your work and as a leader.

  • Mindful movement Strengthen your body and mind with tons of different workout experiences. Some of my faves include Kettlebell Kundalini and The Beyonce Yoga Experience. Ummm sign me up!
  • Nourish your body – Gain practical, purposeful knowledge about mindful eating for that supports your physical and mental health. Discover the fun and power of cooking delicious, nourishing plant based snacks and meals in Kitchenpowerment.
  • Modern meditations – Remap your mind with practices and techniques to remove blocks and transform you internal world.
  • Creative exploration – Paint your heart out and be guided through artistic expression in a mindful, soul-connected way.

Just Have Fun!

This is a retreat, after all! Beyond the workshops, Rise has built in a ton of fun activities for the weekend. The Rise Up Celebration Saturday night is the perfect opportunity to dance and celebrate ourselves and each other! There will also be sound healings, ecstatic dance parties, nature immersion to help you disconnect from the day to day, acupuncture, massage, psychic readings, bonfire ceremonies, and camp activities like kayaking. There’s tons of opportunity to create deep connections with fellow women at the event, and come together to meet fellow like-minded souls!

What’s Included?

The event is held at Trail’s End Camp – a beautiful lakefront property in the Pocono Mountains of PA, about 2 hours driving distance from NYC and Philadelphia. At this weekend long event, you’ll get experience…

  • 2x nights accommodation in an Inn, Cottage, or Cabin (cozy, clean, and quaint!)
  • 5x Nourishing Meals
  • 4x Workshops of your choice: 20+ workshops to chose from
  • Expert guidance on self care, women’s health, entrepreneur skills, creativity and so much more
  • Nature immersion beside a gorgeous lake in the Pocono Mountains
  • Outdoor activities including bonfires, kayaking, and hiking
  • Acupuncture and Massage (additional costs)

Plus, connecting with an incredible group of women! You’ll take time away to unplug and immerse yourself in a heartfelt experience, all while learning from gifted facilitators and indulging in evening entertainment and natural wonders. Plus, some surprises along the way!

Come Join Us!

Visit Rise Gatherings and use code “SGP” for $100 off your ticket!