Slutty Girl Problems delivers a daily stream of sex-positive content across web, social media, and email. With funny yet thought-provoking posts on sex, dating, relationships, and feminist topics, “SGP” has reached over 5.1 million readers and 310K followers worldwide.

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Our Mission

Slutty Girl Problems is a leading figure in the modern, sex-positive, feminist movement. Our inspiring content encourages women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly without shame, judgement, or double standards.  Through our team of committed writers, we are advancing the conversation by sharing original humor, educated advice, expert guides, feminist perspectives, and sex-positive resources to support fellow women and shed light on the issues we face.

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Our Reach

As our readers and the culture-at-large evolves, SGP consistently strives to grow, expand, and serve a wider audience. We have an influential and far-reaching social media presence, interactive weekly email newsletter, and offer opportunities for learning through writing and internships. Our founder Lorrae Bradbury supports women one-on-one through coaching, mentorship and leading upcoming workshops. This year, we are launching a new site, podcast, and more outlets to interact with our vibrant community.

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Our Press

SGP and our founder, have been featured on Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Marie Claire, Bustle, The Guardian, Elite Daily, Your Tango, Playboy, Playboy Radio, Kinkly, Metro UK, and many more.

Our Campaigns

Through our engaging, multi-media advertising campaigns, we connect clients with a valuable and unique market – forward-thinking millennial women who have a thirst for fresh products, experiences, and services. We develop unique multi-media campaigns across our web, social, and email outlets. We always work with clients to create engaging campaigns within their price-range.

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Our most popular advertising options are listed below


We offer website ad space, product/service reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways, and guest posts.

Banner ad space appears in various locations, at different sizes, and can be static or animated GIFs.


We offer product and service reviews of many kinds. We also offer coverage of events, travel destinations, and other types of experiences – including live, in-person coverage across social media.

We DO NOT review jelly toys or toys that contain phthalates. We almost exclusively review non-porous toys made of silicone, glass, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, and other body-safe materials. We occasionally review porous BDSM gear. We occasionally review select erotic materials and films. We rarely review supplements.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are columns written by our authors or the client – that include a mention, description, and link to your product or website. Posts must follow our Submission Guidelines, and must be creative content (not a direct promotion or product review). We will review your submission. We occasionally accept requests to Sponsor previously written posts at a reduced rate.


Giveaways are an opportunity to showcase your products, increase social media presence, and create widespread reader engagement with incentivized sharing and prizes. Entrants gain additional entries when they visit your site, visit and follow on social media, and complete other actions of your choice. See samples of our Giveaways.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get exposure while contributing high quality content to the site. Guest posts include a link in the author’s bio, not the post itself. To submit a guest post, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Email List

Reach our most dedicated and loyal subscribers through our email list. We offer full-page spreads, section features, a top banner, bottom banner, several button sizes, and text links.

Social Media

We offer promotions across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Reduced rates available in packages.

Link Trades and Cross Promotion

We very rarely offer link trades or cross promotion. You are more than welcome to link our site, and we are VERY appreciative! But, we cannot always link back to you. There are a few exceptions.

  • We may trade links if you are a high-traffic, sex-positive site that is geared toward our audience, or could be considered a “sister” site.
  • If you would like to interview the founder, writers, or write about our site – we can feature it in an article, on social media, and on our Press page.
  • If you are a blogger or writer looking to gain exposure for your writing, you can submit a Guest Post, which will link back to your site.

Affiliate Programs

We occasionally join select affiliate programs with a 20% or more commission rate (not store credit) and if you’re able to provide products for review.

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