About Slutty Girl Problems

What is a slut?

A slut is empowered in her sexuality. She is confident, in control, and doesn’t let anyone define her or her sexuality. She defines herself and makes choices that are right for her.

Slutty Girl Problems is for the self-identified women who embrace this empowered lifestyle.
We are a sex-positive, feminist, judgment-free zone with daily content to entertain, educate, and empower women around in all aspects of their lives.

Why slut?

The term “slut” is used to break women down and shame them for their natural sexuality. We boldly reclaim this derogatory word as an empowering, sex-positive term – free from society’s shame and judgment.

Being a slut isn’t about sleeping with everyone, or anyone at all. It’s about having the choice to express your sexuality however you want to, and being empowered to act on it if you choose.

We believe all safe, sane, consensual sexual choices should be not only respected, but celebrated as a natural, pleasurable part of life. There is nothing wrong with having sex. Your pleasure is important, and sexuality does not determine your morality or worth.

By reclaiming a word that degrades women for their natural sexual desires, we aim to give women their power back. In a world where the female voice is often silenced or distorted, we arm women with the community, tools, and confidence to reclaim and embrace their sexuality.

We envision a world free from sexual shame and judgment. Through our voices and connection, we aim to make the world a more sex-positive place for young women.

Our Mission

Entertain. Educate. Empower


Our content is open, honest, and relatable. We reflect the modern day woman’s sex, dating, and relationship experiences with a twist of humor.


We share expert advice and educated information through our articles, guides, and reviews, with a non-judgemental voice that women trust.


We inspire and empower women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly, without shame, judgment, or double standards.

Want to see more of what we believe?

Read our Slutty Girl’s Manifesto and Feminism articles.

Our Founder

Lorrae Jo Bradbury is a women’s empowerment coach, writer, and advocate who started Slutty Girl Problems to anonymously share her experiences and reclaim the word “slut” as a positive term. In all facets of her work, she empowers women to create the lives they crave, through relationship, mindset, and wellness tools to live adventurous, happy, and free. In addition for her work with SGP, Lorrae offers one-on-one coaching and female-empowerment digital workshops in development. She is an extremely relevant voice for her generation and has been featured on Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Bustle, The Guardian, Thrillist, Elite Daily, Playboy, Maxim, and more.

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In the Press

Slutty Girl Problems and it’s founder have been featured on press outlets including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Elite Daily, Your Tango, Playboy, Bustle, Marie Claire, and the Guardian. See our featured press or advertise with us.


Because consensual sex isn’t something that men take from you; it’s something you give. It doesn’t lessen you to give someone else pleasure. It doesn’t degrade you to have some of your own. And anyone who implies otherwise is a man who probably thinks very poorly of women underneath the surface.” – The Good Men Project