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Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Lorrae Bradbury, the founder of Slutty Girl Problems.

I believe that every woman deserves to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with her sex life – and herself. And it’s my mission to make sure that happens. My goal is to create a more sex-positive world, and empower women to embrace their sexuality, so they can have an amazing sex life that’s perfect for them.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in sexuality. Since college, it’s been my passion. In kindergarten, I got in trouble for kissing boys on the playground. As soon as I learned how to use a computer, I was up late learning about sex from porn (which isn’t the best instructional tool, but I worked with what I had in lieu of sex-positive sex-ed).

In college, I was fascinated with sexuality, personally and academically. I got my degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies, and focused all of my independent studies on sexuality. While exploring my sexuality, I experienced sexual assault and subsequent slut-shaming. It affected me more than I realized at the time. In 2011, I started the Slutty Girl Problems Twitter to anonymously share my experiences and reclaim the word “slut” as a positive term. In 2013, the SGP website launched with a new mission – encouraging women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly without shame, judgement, or double standards. Read my interview with Cosmopolitan on how I founded Slutty Girl Problems here.

Beyond SGP, I write a weekly column for Maxim, where I interview women about their sexiest stories. I also work in social media and marketing, consulting for adult brands. I’m a contributor to publications like Playboy, Metro UK, and Kinkly and am often quoted in other publications, like Elite Daily and Your Tango. I’m sometimes a guest on podcasts and radio shows, like Playboy Radio, Sex in Words, and Between the Sheets.

In all my work, my goal is to create a more sex-positive world and empower women to embrace their sexuality, so they can have an amazing sex life that’s perfect for them.

Soon, I’ll be launching a personal website, offering coaching, speaking, workshops, and more personal updates at Later, I’m planning to launch and host SGP TV – our official YouTube channel. Til then, you can follow me on Twitter (@Lorraejo), Instagram (@Lorraejo), Facebook (/Lorraeb) and YouTube (/Lorraeb) to stay updated!

When I’m not getting worked up about feminism and sexuality, I enjoy going out, dancing with reckless abandon, and shamelessly drinking too much wine. I have a strong affection for tequila and lingerie, and a huge collection of both. I am passionate about helping others and encouraging young women to feel confident and empowered in their sexuality. I used to dream of writing for VICE, appearing on Chelsea Lately, and hosting MTV’s Spring Break. I still dream of working with Vice, and wish Chelsea Lately and MTV Spring Break were still a thing.

Work with Me!

I’ve been featured on Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, YourTango, Playboy, Maxim, Metro UK, Kinkly, Bro Bible, and Feminist Wednesday. I’ve appeared on Playboy Radio, Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza, Sex in Words Radio, and The Greater Dater. Slutty Girl Problems has won several awards including Kinkly’s Top 6 Sex Blogger of 2014. I’ve worked in marketing for adult brands including PURE, Booty Parlor, and Good Clean Love. I’d love to work with you!

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