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We know you have a habit of breaking your shot glasses, losing your flask, and forgetting your favorite thong at his place. Don’t worry, slut. We’ve got you covered with solutions to all your #sluttygirlproblems at our new online store.

We have drink ware to make sure you’re getting wasted in style, cards for playing strip poker, lighters for your cigs & joints, lip balm for 2am make outs, & chocolate so your mouth doesn’t taste like Keystone. We also have shirts, tanks, thongs, and cases for your iPhone, Galaxy, & iPad.

Click “Create Your Own” to add your inside jokes, & customize font, colors, size, & graphics.

Every slut needs her gear. Go get yours!

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 @jazminr0se rocking a sexy Cougar in Training tank

#SluttyGirlProblems playing cards with @jazminr0se & friends!


Look what came in the mail!! 

Sluts LOVE shot glasses from SGP!