About Our Reviews

Sex toys are a wonderful way to explore new sensations, and get pleasure from something other than your hand or partner! Everyone should have at least one good sex toy in their naughty drawer – and hopefully many more.

If you haven’t explored sex toys yet, we assure you, it’s worth it.
If you have explored, but haven’t found the right toy for you, don’t worry, it’s out there.
If you’ve already started your collection, and can’t wait to try more, your new favorite toy is waiting for you.
And we’d love to help you find it.

We have several reviewers, all of whom are guided to provide non-biased, thorough, detailed reviews based on the guidelines below. Each reviewer is noted on their review, at the top and bottom of the page.

Some of the products we review are things we buy ourselves. Some were given to us by manufacturers. Regardless, our reviews are always 100% honest. Whether our opinions are positive, negative, or totally weird – we share them openly with you. We’ll never write a positive review just because we were given a product, and only recommend products that we LOVE and use ourselves. If we don’t like or hate a product, we will say so in our review.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

All our reviewers include as much information as possible so you can make a great decision on which toys are best for your body. We also find the best prices, and have special coupons for our readers (all shown at the bottom of each review). Keep reading for our promises that we make to you when writing reviews.

Body-Safe Only

We only review body-safe non-toxic toys. All our toys are Phthalate free, because Phthalates are super dangerous, and there’s other dangerous chemicals out there too. We don’t review Jelly, Vinyl, or PVC toys due to safety concerns. Occasionally, we accept some porous toys (like single-use sleeves) – however we always note this material throughout the review, and are sure to mention the safety concerns associated them. Most of our toys are made of medical-grade, hypo-allergenic, latex free materials, and are very body-safe. We always prefer non-porous toys (like silicone, plastic, and glass), and mention when our toys are porous or need special care. If there’s any questionable materials or cleaning concerns, we talk about it. Always be sure to educate yourself about safety, proper use, and care before playing. We also talk about materials, care, cleaning, and maintenance in our Sex Toy Guides.

Writing Reviews

We try products thoroughly (at least 5 times) before we write a review. Seriously, we try them over and over again… in every way we can think of… taking notes while we test them out… until we’re exhausted and can’t think of anything else to write about them. We put them to the ultimate test… checking to make sure they work as promised, can stand up to some rough play, and are truly waterproof if they claim to be.

We’re perfectionists, and try to include as much information and detail in our reviews as we can. We hope to answer any and every question a buyer might have, so that you can make the best decision and find the toy thats’s perfect for you! Although our reviews are based on our personal experiences with a toy, we also try to be as objective as possible. We’re always very critical of any flaws, and have very picky vaginas… but, we always keep in mind that different people like different things. So, even if we love a toy, we’ll try to point out any potential flaws… and if we don’t like a toy, we’ll try to mention its positives and why someone else might like it. For example, if something has weak vibrations and not a lot of settings, the toy might not be a favorite of ours… but if it has a low price, we mention that it might be a good toy for a beginner. Between our rating scale and writing style, it’ll be clear whether we like or dislike a product. But, you should also look over the details of the product and see if it’s right for you before you decide to buy.

How I rate my toys:


The reviewer’s personal enjoyment of the product.

Siren = I HATED this product. It had serious flaws, and no one should buy it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!!
1 Heart = I hated this product and was very dissapointed. It has major flaws, and I don’t think many people would like it. It’s an overall bad product, and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
2 Hearts = I didn’t like this product. It has big flaws and disappointed me. A few people might like it, but even so, it’s a pretty bad product, and I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.
3 Hearts = I kinda liked this product, but it didn’t really impress me. It was overall pretty average, standard, and just okay. It has some flaws, but I still might use it. Other people might like it, and I might recommend it to a friend who’s a beginner, or has very different tastes than me. *Note: This is the highest rating I’ll give to a toy that can’t make me orgasm, even if it’s a great toy otherwise.*
4 Hearts = I liked this product! It’s not my favorite, but it impressed me and met my expectations. It may have some minor flaws, but I will definitely use it again. It’s a good product, and I would recommend it to a friend.
5 Hearts = I LOVED this product. It’s one of my favorites, and totally exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to use it again! It’s a fabulous product, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


The quality of the product – in terms of materials, design, functions, charging, and overall use.

1 Star = This product is TERRIBLE quality. It is made of body-unsafe or cheap materials, and has some pretty bad design flaws. You can absolutely tell that it’s cheap and cheaply made.
2 Stars = This product is bad quality, but not absolutely horrendous. It’s most likely made of cheap or unsafe materials. It has a few redeeming factors, but overall, it has some bad design flaws that really make it unenjoyable. You can tell it’s cheap.
3 Stars = This product is mid-quality. If may be made of porous (but not toxic) materials. If it does have body safe materials, the design, materials, charging, and vibration settings are probably just mediocre. It’s probably a battery operated vibe. It definitely has some flaws, but it’s not total garbage. It’s kind of just so-so. *Note: This is the highest rating I’ll give to a toy that does not have body-safe materials, even if it’s a great toy otherwise.*
4 Stars = This product is high-quality! It uses 100% body-safe materials. It is well-made with a good design and good vibrations, but the designers didn’t think of everything. It may be annoying to charge. There are a few things I’d change, but overall, it’s still really high quality!
5 Stars = This product is SUPER high-quality. It uses 100% body-safe materials. It is well-made and has a well-thought-out design. It has a variety of vibrations, some of which are powerful. It is easy to use and charge. I can’t think of anything that really annoys me. The designers were very thorough and thought of everything!


The excitement, skill level, or use intensity.

1 Devil = This toy is very mild. Great for newbies, foreplay and tender romance. Think traditional lubricants, massage oils, simple lingerie, and romance toys.
2 Devils = This toy is mildly intense. A bit more exciting, and good for most types of “vanilla” sex. Requires little skill, and suitable for most individuals. Think sensation lubricants, clitoral or bullet vibrators, and multi-part lingerie.
3 Devils = This toy somewhat intense. Exciting for beginners, and standard for experienced users. Requires some skill. Think regular vibrators, blindfolds, ticklers, & upscale lingerie.
4 Devils = This toy is intense! Very exciting, and best for experienced users. Think G-spot vibrators, beginner’s anal toys, beginner’s BDSM gear (handcuffs, novelty whips, simply straps), vibrating rings, and beginner’s fetish wear (specialized corsets).
5 Devils = This toy is outta control! It’s incredibly exciting, pushes the edge, and is probably taboo. Definitely requires experience. Think rabbit vibrators, intense anal toys, strap ons, sex furniture and swings, BDSM and fetish gear (advanced straps, flogging toys, clamps, pumps), and fetish wear (latex, collars, body suits).


For vibrating toys, the power or intensity of the vibration.

1 Car = Very mild, extremely low level vibration. Intended for newbies, foreplay and extra sensitive areas.
2 Cars = A lower-level intensity vibration. Provides light stimulation that is nice for beginners, but experienced users will get bored quickly.
3 Cars = Moderate, average vibration. Good for overall usage, and probably a good vibration for most people.
4 Cars = Strong and easily felt vibrations. Powerful stimulation without an “earth-shaking”, out of control sensation. Perfect for experienced users. Beginners beware!
5 Cars = This is outta control! Extremely strong, highly intense, powerful vibration. Probably too intense for some people!


For vibrating toys, the loudness of vibration.

1 Bee = Whisper or quiet hum that barely can be heard. Virtually silent.
2 Bees = Low, soft, “white noise” hum, similar to a cell phone’s vibration alert, that can be heard through covers but not through a closed door.
3 Bees = Moderate noise level, similar to an electric toothbrush. Can be heard through covers and maybe through a closed door.
4 Bees = Pretty loud, comparable to an electric razor. Definitely heard through covers and easily heard through a closed door.
5 Bees = Extremely noisy. You can probably hear it in the next room!

We also talk about the details… like:

– How and where do you use it? What does it work best for?
– How does it feel? It it rough, smooth, skin-like, or squishy? How does it smell and taste? Is it a safe material?
– What are the dimensions? Is it small or large? Curved, ridged, circular, or bent? Does it bend, flex, squish, or rotate?
– How does the toy work? Does it have multiple speeds, settings, or rotations? Do you use buttons on the toy, or on a remote? Is it rechargeable or battery operated? Is it waterproof? Easy to use?
– How do you clean and take care of it?
– Does it come in a cute case, box, or with a pouch? Is it small and easy to store? Travel friendly or bulky?
– Does it do anything special? What makes it different?
Personal thoughts, impressions, and experience with the toy.
Any additional ways to use it, things to try, when it’s best, who it would work for, other toys to pair it with, and any pro tips or advice.

Finally, where to buy them! 

When it comes to buying toys, we always look for manufacturers and stores that have great customer service, quality products, and nice deals. We have a few favorite affiliates that we usually recommend, and link to them in my reviews. We always look for the best prices, and mention any special promotions and sales available at the time of posting. We often use affiliate links, which help support the site. If you enjoy our site and find the reviews helpful, the best way to say “thank you” is to shop through our links. It’s no extra cost to you. In fact, we often have coupon codes that give you a discount!

In return of your support, we would LOVE to help you pick out the perfect toy! If you have a question about a particular product, are comparing several options, or simply want our recommendation for a fabulous toy to fit your preferences, contact us!

Similarly, if have any suggestions about how we could improve our reviews, more information that we could include, or would like to see us review a particular toy, let us know!