A set of beliefs and promises – to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Sex is Natural

I recognize that sexuality is a normal, natural, and enjoyable part of life and exists on a spectrum. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having and loving sex, or not wanting to have sex at all. Having sex does not make me impure, immoral, or improper. It makes me someone who has sex.


I Am Open

I will feel free to discuss sex, sexuality, and my preferences openly, honestly, and without shame. Talking about sex is the first step to having safe, pleasurable sex. I will express myself, my needs, my desires, and my boundaries. Also, my orgasm is important. I will advocate for myself and my pleasure, and know that I am worthy of pleasure.


I Have Choice

I am in control of my partner choice and sexual expression. My body is mine to use however I choose. It is my choice when, where, how, and with whom I will have sex. My body is my temple. I can choose to make it a hedonistic one.


I Have Respect

I respect myself, and I know I deserve to be treated with respect. I do not deserve anyone to disrespect, push, demean, pressure, or bully me or my boundaries – regardless of my sexual choices. I will do my best to advocate for myself whenever I am able to, knowing that sometimes I may not be able to, and being compassionate with myself in those moments. I will check in with myself to make sure my choices are intentional, aligned with my values and beliefs, and reflect my desires and goals.


I Practice Self Care

I will take the time to recover and heal when I am hurt, and will seek out help and support when I need it.


I Am Safe

I make an effort to be safe and informed. I recognize the risks associated with sex, and take steps to protect myself. I research birth control and STI prevention methods, and decide on the right choice for me, whether that’s contraceptives or being aware of fertility signs and using careful tracking if relevant to my sex life. I use my best discretion to decide what is right for me and my body. I consciously decide when to use barrier methods to reduce the risk of STIs, HPV, and HIV – or when to take preventative medications. I choose how regularly to get tested based on my sexual activities, and ensure that my partners and I are practicing open communication and safer sex practices.


I Have Self Esteem

I am a sexual being, but I am not defined by my sexuality. My self-love and self-worth come from within, and exist separately yet blissfully in tune with my sexual expression. No one can take my value away from me, or define my worth for me, based on my sexuality or otherwise. I am aligning with my truth and my sexual essence. I can rely on myself for love and validation, and feel secure knowing I am living my authentic truth.


I Am Righteous

I will speak up in the face of sexism, racism, homophobia, and all injustice. I will stand up for myself when I am wronged. I will not be held to double standards, shame, or judgement. I believe that women who enjoy sex should not be labeled, insulted, embarrassed, or degraded. I will not engage in slut shaming, and instead, will stand up against it. I recognize the need for change, and will stand up for women’s rights and equality for all. I will speak up against rape, sexual assault, and other forms of violence against women. I will demand that my voice is heard.


I Love My Body

I recognize that every body is beautiful, no matter the shape, size, color, or other physical attribute. I will love my body, and the bodies of those around me.


I Embrace Life

I will live life to the fullest, learn from my mistakes, and look back without regrets.



Partially Inspired by Soraya Chemaly’s “A Slut Manifesto”, a wonderful explanation of and stance against Slut Shaming.