We just found a completely unique product designed to make using your favorite lube easier than ever. Lube Lights is a simple solution to keep your favorite lube handy, easy to find, and easy to use without creating a slippery mess. Long gone are the days of slippery hands struggling to grasp your lube, risking it spilling and getting all over your sheets, pillow, or you. With this easy-to-grip bottle and convenient light, you can easily find and dispense your favorite lube without worry. At just $8.99, this is a serious must-have.

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Easy to Grip

This product is so incredibly simple to use, and so effective. Simply unscrew the lid, pour in your favorite lube, and replace the cap. Then, pop the top to open the cap, and get ready to dispense your fave lube.

The textured indentations along the plastic Lube Light makes your lube easy to grip, even when your hands are slippery. The plastic siding of the Lube Light is fairly soft, so you can squeeze the bottle to easily dispense your lube. I love how easy the product is to use and grip, rather than having a traditional lube bottle slip right through my hands.

Convenient Light

The LED light on top means you’ll always be able to find your lube easily and dispense it exactly where you want it (as long as the cap is open). It’s designed to offer 144 hours of continuous use before dimming. Whether you want to keep your cap open to give a little ambient lighting, or simply use it to help you find your way in the heat of the moment, you can open and close the cap with ease to turn the light on or off.


At just $8.99, Lube Lights is an easy, inexpensive solution to easily use your favorite lube. Currently, the product comes in one 5 oz size and one color (pink), though they’re planning to release different colors, lights, and sizes soon! If you’re like me and can’t stand slippery hands making a mess of your lube, Lube Lights is going to be your new favorite bedside accessory…

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