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21 Things No One Tells You About Anal Sex

Anal sex is a taboo that some crave, and others cringe at – however, it can be pleasurable when it’s done right. For many, it will always be considered ‘exit only’ but, if you and your partner are both keen to give it a go, it’s certainly best you don’t dive in there unprepared.

If you do decide to try it, here are twenty-one things you should know about anal sex – how to prepare, what to expect, and what not to do.

1. Don’t eat McDonald’s, hot wings, curry, or basically anything else that will run through you or come out hot. Plan in advance and eat clean.

2. Clean it out before you dip inside. You don’t want it to come out with a coating. While you’re at it, consider shaving any gnarly hair around the hole. Your ass will thank you.

To clean up before or after, we love these Aneros wipes.

3. To clean out your rectum, don’t take laxatives. You want to have control of your bowels, not lose it. If you feel some extra cleaning is in order, try an enema one to two hours before sex instead.

4. Anal sex feels naughty – which makes it feel even hotter. Being a ‘naughty’ girl or guy is a fantasy that anal sex plays into perfectly.

5. ‘Just the tip, just to see how it feels’ is a real thing. Relax and loosen up before anal, by massaging the outside with one finger – then two – before you gently start to go inside. Start slow and gradually increase to full penetration.

6. You won’t ruin your anus with anal sex. Bowl movements are essentially the same size as a penis, so you’re body is used to being stretched like that. Unless your partner is the size of a big bottle of soda, it will go back to its normal state after sex.

7. You’ll be drenched in lube. You should be drenched in lube – you need to use a lot. It will be everywhere. You may even find it caked in the crevices of your phone days later.

We love this soothing anal lubricant.

8. Sorry to break the bad news, but it’s possible that the lube you use will turn from its natural clean and clear state into a frothy light brown mixture. Hence, why tissues exist.

9. Ditch the desensitizing cream. Pain is your body’s warning before injury, and alerts you to stop. Creams like this also reduce pleasure, they desensitize the good feelings too.

10. Chill out on thinking it’s gross. If you clean properly, you’re fine. If a little gets on you, it’s not the end of the world. Lay down a towel, keep some tissues handy, and remember there’s always soap and water.

11. Anal walls are thinner than vaginal walls, which makes transmission of an STI much more likely. Always use a condom to minimize your risk. Worried about anal prep getting gross? There’s finger condoms, too.

12. Master the ‘reach around’ to amp up orgasms instantly. Whether your receiving partner is male or female, you can wrap your arm around their thigh to give them added pleasure from the front.

13. Anal sex feels like you’re pooping. Over and over again and backwards… except with more orgasms.

14. The prostate, located under his taint, is essentially a guy’s G-spot. Massage it with a gentle ‘come here’ motion.

If your guy is into prostate stimulation, he’ll love this toy from Aneros.

15. Ladies can intensify their pleasure with dual penetration. You can even massage your partner through the vaginal-rectal wall.

16. Incorporate a nifty sex toy for added pleasure. Try it on the clitoris, vagina, perineum, or taint.

17. For the sake of your health, don’t attempt ass-to-mouth or ass-to-vagina. If you want to switch it up, change your condom between thrusts to keep other areas clean. Anal bacteria isn’t friendly.

We love these Extra Sensitive condoms!

18. Pink eye is a real thing.

19. After anal sex, you may fart for what feels like an eternity, but really it’s sporadic farting for a few days after.

20. Your poos will feel so easy and free for the next few days. They’ll just come out like they’re made of magic. Plentiful and painless.

21. Don’t let bad stories scare you away from anal. Despite the taboo, anal sex feels passionate, primal, and animalistic. As long as you prepare, use lube, and go slow, you’ll have knee-shaking, bed-gripping orgasms from behind.

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2 Comments to 21 Things No One Tells You About Anal Sex

  1. kaitlin86

    A few tips from a lady who has been doing anal for almost 20 years.

    1. A great way to prepare for doing anal the first time is to play with your own butt first. It’s a great to learn what what you like, adjust to the new sensations, and learn how to relax and better control your spincter. One of the big reasons why anal can hurt is caused by involuntarily clenching your spincter. Practicing before goes a long way to helping with that.

    2. Go on Amazon and buy a plastic medical syringe. A 2 oz/60cc one is a the perfect size, are super easy to clean, and only cost a few dollars. The syringe is dual function.

    It’s great for cleaning yourself out before playing, be sure to use WARM, CLEAN water only. Hot or cold water can be painful and harmful to your sensitive insides. Also enas should be done very sparingly, doing it frequently can be very bad for your insides. As such you’re better off just eating plenty of fiber so you have good regular movements and there won’t be anything to worry about in there.

    The second use is as a lube injector. Getting lube INSIDE you butt is VERY important. One of the reasons people day you need a ton of lube is because they are trying to lube you inside by putting it on a penis/dildo/other insertable which is super inefficient with most it staying on the outside.

    3. There are three main types of anal stimulation and it’s completely normal to only like one or two of them. The first type is external which stimulating the outside of the anus which includes things like massaging, licking, or using an external vibrator on the anus. The second type is stationary internal which is using something like a butt plug that just sits still once inside. The third type is what people thrusting internal, what people usually think of when they hear “anal”. And like I said it’s completely normal to only like one, two.

    Fun Fact! The frothy, brown stuff lube can turn into during anal is called “Santorum” after the homophobic Republican Senator Rick Santorum

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