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The Best Funny Gifts Under $40

White Elephant? Pollyanna? Just running low on money this holiday season? If you’re a lover of fun gift that border on “gag” material, then we have the shopping list for you. There’s something for everyone on your Naughty List here, and maybe something for those boring Nice List people, too!

For the life of the party…

She needs something to tote around her favorite drink in, right?

Get it at Spencer’s for $13.

For the dog lover…

What better way to show their love of all things cute and cuddly than through these Pug Life Leggings?

Get them at Ginch Gonch for $35.

For the cat lady or gentleman…

I really hope this is just a gag gift, but it’s that weird cat scratcher thing everyone is talking about. Lick your cat. Except, like, don’t actually lick it, because that’s weird.

Get it at Amazon for $15.

For the friend who adds #adulting to all of their Insta posts…

Let them celebrate the little things that are just so damn difficult with some stickers!

Get them at Amazon for $9.

For your BFF since middle school…

Remember friendship bracelets? #throwback

Get it at Spencer’s for $15.

For the festival freak…

They need something to tote around all of their stuff in without worrying about it getting stolen! What better gift than a funky fanny pack?

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Get it at Frat Toys for $13.

For the feminist…

I hope all of your friends are feminists, but if your BFF finds herself missing Joe Biden memes almost a year into the Trump administration, this decal set is for her!

Get it at Unbound for $15.

For your bestie who uses emoji to excess…

She might say, “Haha, great gag gift!” but you know it’s one she’ll actually use.

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Get it at The White Unicorn for $29.

For the adult colorer…

Especially the adult colorer who so happens to curse like a sailor.

Get it at Amazon for $6.

For that friend who is already hype about Jurassic World 2…

T-Rex socks. I’m sure you can run away faster from a hybrid dino in these socks than anyone could in heels.

Get them at Ozone Socks for $13.

For that friend who’s always baking…

Honestly, what better way to convince them to make you delicious baked goods than by getting them something to make said baked goods with? Penis cookie cutters – we all need them in our kitchen.

Get them at Spencer’s for $10.

For your gym buddy…

We know you two have been working on those quads. Celebrate those gains with this “Thunder Thighs” tank.

Get it at Barbell for $28.

For the friend who always pins bath bomb videos…

Rub My Duckie makes bath time so much fun…

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Get one at SheVibe from $20-$36.

For the Broad City fan…

Hook them up with this paraben-free, vegan-friendly “Mind My Vagina” lube.

Get it at The White Unicorn for $12.

For the cook…

Honestly, I eat macaroni and cheese most nights. I could use this book. Wink wink.

Get it at Amazon for $15.

For your favorite wino…

If they’re going to drink the whole bottle anyway, they might as well get the nutritional facts.

Get it at Spencer’s for $23.

And finally…

When you want to show that Facebook friend who loves Trump how you really feel…

What better way to represent your feelings than my wiping your butt on Trump’s face?

Get it at Amazon for $20.

 We know your gift will be the hit of this year’s White Elephant party!

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Part time nice girl, full time bitch. Moved back home after college, but still remains a party girl at heart. Can often be found sipping cheap wine, making out with her latest Tinder match, reading romance novels, or blowing up Twitter. Lover of carbs and outspoken female pop stars. Hater of Candy Crush Saga invites on Facebook.

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