Let’s face it, ladies. You’ve been drooling over him, and now you want his attention. It can actually be pretty easy to get him running after you, but you need to know the right moves. Time to get on your feet and plan to get him drooling over you! If your efforts in the past were in vain, this should help you find out what to avoid and what will actually work. If you want to put your best foot forward and have the greatest chance to catch his attention, these ten tips are more than sufficient to help you nail every effort. (We’re using male pronouns throughout this post – but these tips work no matter who you’re trying to impress – including females or someone elsewhere on the gender spectrum!)

1. Talk About Something He Loves

A relationship builds through conversations, so get him talking about something he loves, and he will start to develop those “feel good” vibes with you. All he needs to know is that you’re curious about his interests, and he can go on and on. This is a big sign to let him know that you are into him.

2. Talk About Something YOU Love

You want to make sure he cares to talk about your interests, too. It goes both ways! Plus, don’t you get enthusiastic and light up when you talk about your passions? Your excited and thrilled face is a huge turn on! When you’re both recognizing each others interests mutually, it establishes a close bond that can move your relationship forward. So, never hold back. Be yourself, and let him know who you are.

3. Be Busy Sometimes

Make sure you take time away from him to spend with your girls and have fun on your own. You don’t want it to be all about him! Show that you have an interesting, exciting life. You’re in demand! It will also make your time and attention valuable, and getting it might feel like a challenge for him – a challenge he will certainly take.

4. Be Flirty But Out of Reach

This has always worked, and always will! Once you have established that connection, act flirty but maintain your distance! It can be hard at times, but don’t lose sight here. Being a little unavailable will make him want you more! If he already understands that you are attracted to him and that you already have a flirty bond, maintaining that distance will make the heart grow even stronger.

He should start drooling by now!

5. Connect With His Friends

This will quickly put you in a much higher place in his life! Strike up a conversation with his friends and break the ice. After all, most people want someone who can get along with their friends. Once you show you’re comfortable and can hang, he will see how seamlessly you can fit into his life. If you like his friends and they like you back, that’s the best case scenario!

6. Speak Confidently

Stay cool and don’t let nervousness make you freak out. I know that it’s hard not to get nervous when you’re talking to someone you’re head-over-heels for, but do your best to speak confidently. At least fake it until to make it! You can freak out in your head and heart, but let your words come out smooth to show you’ve got it all together.

7. Scent-Sweetness

Scent is a sense that is very firmly attached to memory, and when you have an irresistible, sweet scent, all he will relate you to is sweetness. Perfume your collar bones, wrists, or just under your breasts to get the maximum scent-effect. Surprisingly, scent plays a huge role in how he looks at and remembers you.

8. Peek-a-Boo Cutouts

This style is seriously magical. A peek of your skin is sure to shake him up and spin his head. Try this look, and see his eyes pop! It should get his blood pumping, and leave enough mystery so he’ll be dying to get peek at the rest of you.

9. Compliment Him

More than just his looks – anyone appreciates when you take the time to notice and recognize the things about their personality and passions that make them unique. Let him know how you admire his passion for music, his career path, or the drive he has for other interests in his life. Knowing that you are interested and care about his deeper characteristics will make him fall for you.

10. Keep “Something New” Consistent

And finally, to keep that pace going and have him wanting more, always do something new. That should be consistent. Whether you’re trying new styles, new restaurants, new compliments, or new tricks in bed – keeping things fresh keeps the flame burning.

We guarantee that if you do this, you’ll see him drooling in no time! Good luck getting yourself out there and making him drool!