This delightful water-based lubricant – Jo H20’s Vanilla Cream lube – comes in a 5.25oz dazzling bottle with a label that makes it look like it belongs in your fridge waiting to be poured over ice cream rather than your nightstand drawer. It’s visually pleasing and has a fun red button that snaps the cap open for easy use. It’s silky smooth, lovely vanilla flavored, and is a great all around flavored lubricant for your play!

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Texture & Safety

The product is a little more fluid than its silicone based competitors and does drip out of the container pretty rapidly, after a couple of cocktails I’ve twice now found this stuff literally everywhere while trying to apply it to a specific area. (That’s the only reason I’ve given this product 4 instead of 5 stars, because in every other aspect this lube has quickly become my favorites!) Jo H2O is latex safe so it can be used in conjunction with latex condoms and toys. It’s non-toxic and non-staining which is good, because the spill factor is high.

Smooth & Silky

Once applied to the skin the lubricant is silky smooth and only a little sticky, but that shouldn’t be a problem because when you’re through with your steamy session there shouldn’t be any product remaining! The flavor is out of this world, it’s the best tasting lubricant I’ve ever lapped up and it makes you want to lick every ounce of it off your partner, something that they’re bound to appreciate as well! Overall, this product is practical and fun, everything you want in a bedroom product and it’s certainly staying within reach at all times as my number one go to for future romantic trysts.

Pros & Cons


  • Very silky
  • Long lasting
  • Delicious vanilla flavor and scent
  • Latex friendly
  • Toy friendly


  • A little sticky over time
  • Pours out of container very quickly- may cause mess


This water-based lubricant is silky smooth, lovely vanilla flavored, and is a great all around flavored lubricant for your play! If you’re looking for an all around good flavored lube, this one is certainly one to add to your list!

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