It’s sad to remember a time where you would put somebody else before you. Where you thought they could do no wrong and everything they said or did, was perfect, faultless to a T and you literally worshipped the ground they walked on. Your number one priority is them and you completely forget who you are.

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First relationships are weird. You convince yourself that without them you will be nothing but a lost soul, wondering the planet with nothing but everlasting heartbreak and ‘single 4 lyf’ permanently etched on your forehead. You can’t see a future without them. You convince yourself you need them. Your insecurities get the better of you aaaaaaaand….. they dump you.

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FUCK. What do I do with my life now?

Well, hun, you get over it.

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But how do you know when you’re over it? Well, for your assurance here’s my top 10 over-it traits: (We’re going to call him Robert)

1. You no longer find an excuse to talk about them

‘Oh Robert used to do that, Robert would love this’

2. You’re no longer jealous of his now-girlfriend

Have Robert hun, I don’t want him

3. You know there’s someone else out there

Of course there is you dip-shit, you didn’t actually think Robert was the one did you?

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4. You stop relating things to them

Songs, food, random objects

5. You stop comparing the sex

I promise you, other guys are just as happy to indulge in THOSE things

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6. You stop going for that ‘type’

Who would believe I would find myself attracted to someone the complete opposite?

7. You stop looking for the one and focus on you

I remember I used to think I would never be happy unless I was in love (what a load of shite)

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8. You realize no one is perfect

No one.

9. You understand that this will not be the last heartbreak

It’s likely you will experience heartbreak again, but you’re okay with that

10. You’re a slut and you LOVE it

And no, that doesn’t mean I going around sleeping with every man who shows me the slightest bit of attention. I’m falling in love with myself, I’m doing what I want to do when I want to do it and yes, I’ll indulge in a flirtatious exchange every now and again.

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