Whether your inner sorority girl needs to be let out or you’re just looking to get your DIY on, crafting can be a lot of fun. It’s the perfect way to make a gift for a friend if you’re on a budget or to spice up your home decor using objects you have lying around anyway. So let’s get inspired with these fifteen awesome ideas!

1. Glitter Shot Glasses

Make your vodka shots glitzy by adding some sparkle to your shot glasses. Alternatively, use bigger glasses to make vases and put some silk (or real) flowers in them. But let’s be real. I know you want to take some sparkly shots. Check out the tutorial on POPSUGAR. You can always use the tutorial as inspiration to make your wine or martini glasses glamorous, too!

2. Frosted Wine Glasses

Speaking of making you drink ware pretty, this blog provides a tutorial on how to make dip-dyed frosted tumblers. The concept is really similar to making DIY sparkly glasses, so why not break out the glitter, too, and make one of each?

3. Glass Bead Wine Bottle Light

Once you drink a bottle of wine in your new frosted glasses, you’re going to have an empty bottle. Turn it into a pretty light using this how-to guide. While the tutorial teaches you all about how to get pretty glass beads onto bottle to make it really pop, if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be drunk (from the wine) and feeling a little less ambitious at this point, so you can always keep things simpler by just removing the label and cleaning the bottle off and throwing lights inside like in the picture above. (Though at least with the beads, your lantern is pretty whether it’s on or off.)

4. Wine Bottle Torch

Maybe most of your partying is done outside, in which case you’ll need some citronella this summer to keep the mosquitoes away. Buzzfeed is always inspiring me to make crafts I’ll never actually get around to, and this recycled wine bottle torch seems like another good option for all of the empty bottles I admittedly have around.

5. Cork Board

Now that we’ve gotten rid of the bottles, what to do with the corks? There are so many ideas out there for what to do with them, but the cork board is my tried and true favorite. Wreaths are easy, too, and coasters are next on my list! (Yes, I drink a lot of wine.)

6. Wine-apple

And if you’ve managed to keep a wine bottle full… A few months back, Cosmo showed us how to make a pineapple out of chocolates and wine. It’s the perfect gift for a friend, and also a gift I wouldn’t mind receiving. Is it weird if I make it for myself?

7. Bath Bombs

Now that you’re obviously drinking a lot of wine (or whatever your drink of choice is), it’s time to unwind with a bath. Instead of spending your money at Lush, make your own bath bombs. They also make great gifts that your friends will definitely appreciate. This guide teaches you how to make Lush-inspired bombs, but you can save some money (at the risk of losing the aesthetic) by using a muffin tin or plastic Easter egg instead. Mess around with your ingredients to create a bath bomb that’s exactly what you want. It’ll make you feel like a mad scientist who is about to take a very relaxing bubble bath.

8. Lip Balm

While at first it’ll be more expensive than grabbing a new eos, in the long run it’ll pay off! Gather up some ingredients and follow these directions to refill your empty eos with a brand new, custom lip balm. Your lips (and your wallet) will thank you. Feel free to break out the rhinestones and stickers to bedazzle the container, too!

9. Alcohol Bottle Bong

What’s better than your favorite alcohol? If your answer to that is weed, then why not combine your two favorites by recycling an empty liquor bottle to make a bong? wikiHow, of all places, provides directions on how to DIY your bottle of Jack into a water bong.

10. Birth Control Sleeve

Keep your No Baby Pills handy and cute in a customized sleeve! I found some fun tutorials on how to glitz and glam up your Ortho compact as well as a Buzzfeed listicle full of inspiration for making your own customized container. Links to purchase the sleeves and compacts are provided, too, if you’re like me and probably not quite that skilled.

11. Bedazzle Your Closet

Don’t just add sparkle to your birth control. Bedazzle your wardrobe, while you’re at it! Here’s some Pinspo to get you thinking about glamming up your heels, as well as a Mashable article on fancying up your tired lingerie.

12. Bralette

Use a T-shirt that’s falling apart to make a bralette! DIY-ing your own bra/crop top is a great idea, especially if you struggle to find one that fits you or is supportive for your size. And if you’re lucky enough that bralettes are already comfy for you, why not add to your collection? This funny tutorial definitely has me interested in cutting up my overflowing shirt drawer. Call up your fashion major friend and break out the fabric scissors!

13. Nipple Pasties

Don’t want to cover the twins completely? This guide to making your own nipple pasties is perfect if you’re looking to show a little more skin.

14. Flogger


Bring some BDSM into your bedroom or add some DIY to your dungeon. I found a lot about making a flogger using paracord while looking into ideas for this post, though I know people (like the maker of this item on Easy) who have used gimp, too. There are lots of tutorials for paracord floggers online. If you choose to use gimp, it’s the perfect time to draw upon that long-forgotten skill from your summer camp days. There are a ton of materials and suggestions out there, but definitely do your research before you start flogging someone, just in case the material isn’t something you or your partner feel comfortable using. (Also consider decorating your own paddle. All of the major craft stores sell them – for sorority girls, but you don’t need to tell them what you’re up to.)

15. No Sew Emoji Pillow

After a long day of crafting, I’m sure you’ll want to rest your head. Let’s take things back to the innocent with this cute emoji pillow that doesn’t require any sewing skills. It’s the perfect gift for your texting-obsessed friend!

Happy crafting! Feel free to share any tips you have if you’re tried these out before or results of your hard work!