I know, the minion memes your aunt shares on Facebook are really annoying. But if there’s anything I can relate to about middle-aged moms on social media, it’s a love of wine. So share these with your wine drinking buddy, whether that’s your roommate, your mother, or your cat.

Invite your friend to come over for Wine Wednesday with one of these.

Send these to your new work friend who has yet to see you down a bottle in one sitting.

Save these for those nights when no one can come over to drink with you.

Or, you know, twist their arms a little.

Show your boyfriend how you want to spend tonight. 😉

Respond with one of these when your friends call you a “Wine Mom” despite the fact that you have no (human) children.

And finally, for those days when the promise of wine after work is the only thing getting you through…

JK, better yet – when you need wine at work!


Cheers to my fellow winos!