Ice play or temperature play is a type of erotic play where cold objects and substances are used to stimulate the body’s neuroreceptors for a sensual effect. It’s getting colder outside this time of year, so we thought it would be perfect to help you bring the cold inside with some easy, sexy temperature play ideas. Here’s your go-to guide on incorporating ice into your play.


1. External Play: Teasing as Foreplay

To dip your toes into icy water without diving in, try a heating and cooling lip balm. To start your icy adventure, kiss and lick all over your partner’s body and most intimate areas for a gentle, tingling, cooling sensation.

If that’s not enough, move on to kissing with an ice cube. Run the ice along your partner’s body, and then try kissing the cold after, to warm up those areas and create a unique sensation. Or make circle 8’s around their breasts or inner thighs with the ice. The more sensitive the area, the more impact the ice will have!

You can also use nipple balm, which will activate after 1-2 minutes to increase sensation. Then, alternate between using ice and blowing on the area (for a cool sensation) or breathing hot air on them. The cooling sensation of the balm mixed with hot breath and cold ice will have your partner’s nipples hard and all senses tingling.



2. Oral Sex

Use the slightly melted ice cube as stimulation, but keep it moving and never in one spot for too long. Use a mixture of the ice and your mouth for a hot and cold experience. If this overly sensitive, try over a pair of undergarments to get a similar sensation without going overboard.



Crush up ice and keep the smaller pieces in your mouth. This will add texture to the motion of your mouth, as well as adding some cold play. Plus, it’ll be some added lubrication as the ice melts!



3. Internal Play

Instead of creating an ice dildo use a safer option like a glass dildo that can be cooled for temperature play. Simply put the toy in the fridge, wait for it to chill, and then enjoy the sensation of the cold in your body. The toy can go wherever you’d like and feels comfortable. Just be sure to use it in moderation.



4. Give it a Try…

Mixing it up with temperature play can add some serious heat in the bedroom… or bathroom, or kitchen. Starting slow and getting to know your body and its limits can be enjoyable plus an awesome twist to your sex life. Ice play can be ideal no matter the weather outside, so don’t get cold feet!
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Be advised:

The body can’t really tell a big difference between 20 degrees and negative 20 degrees. So, it’s important to make sure your ice is not too cold that it will stick to your partner. Ice is best used when it is allowed to thaw and melt a bit, not only safety reasons but also for lubricating your sensitive areas and allowing the ice to slide over your body.

Also, frostbite is real. So, make sure your partner’s skin is reacting in a positive way rather than a damaging way. Some signs of frostbite are a “pins and needles” sensation, reduced sensation from touch, skin burning sensation, or a stinging sensation. Frostbite can also be indicated by blue skin or redness. If any of these things start to happen, stop the ice play immediately and warm up! The same goes for hypothermia, which can cause shivering, clumsiness, slurred speech, drowsiness, and confusion. Be sure to keep those signs in mind, and if doing internal ice play, keep the time of insertion low and never go more than 5 minutes.