Instead of spending what feels like forever on foreplay, just take your pants off and have a quickie anywhere you are! If you’re standing up, bend over and let your partner take you from behind, and if you’re home getting ready for a family dinner, jump in bed and have a quickie before running out the door. If you’re late, make up an excuse – it’s extra hot that only you and your partner know the real reason you’re late for dinner. Here’s four reasons why you need to make sure you participate in quickie sex just as often as you participate in prolonged sex that involves foreplay.

1. It’s fun, duh.

Having a quickie is loads of fun! You’ll both be so anxious to get your clothes off. You’re sure to giggle as you trip over the legs of your pants to jump into bed. When Aunt Susie asks why you’re late for dinner you’ll tell her traffic was awful, but your partner will squeeze your hand a little harder as if telling you, “Yeah right, we both know why we’re really late to this dinner.” You’ll try to hold back a smirk that’s impossible to hide. Have fun with your partner by having a quickie at the best opportunities. You’re already late anyway, so what’s another two minutes?

2. It’s an energy booster.

Just like when you work out at the gym, men’s testosterone levels rise and women’s estrogen levels rise from sex. Sex also gets your blood flowing, gets your heart rate up. and boosts your energy as well. The only difference is sex is more fun and pleasurable than running on a treadmill and lifting mad amounts of weights. I’m sure you can use a little extra energy before you leave for work in the mornings, so when your alarm goes off, instead of laying there contemplating if you really need that job, roll over to your partner and have a quickie to start both of your days off right and full of energy!

3. Spontaneity!

It’s thrilling to be spontaneous now and again, and it just feels good to be spontaneous even if you don’t do it very often. As an added benefit, spontaneity is said to keep your mind sharp and reduce stress in your everyday life. Add an extra level of excitement to your sex life and keep the spark lit in your relationship by showing your partner that you can be spontaneous. Surprise them with spontaneous sex when they least expect it: before work, in the middle of dinner, or if you meet up for lunch be extra spontaneous by renting a hotel room. Your partner will be thrilled with the surprises and they will probably try to initiate spontaneous sex for you more often, too!

4. It’ll boost your mood.

Sex in general is a mood booster, and having a quickie is no exception. Both of the “feel good hormones” dopamine and oxytocin are released during sex, and especially during orgasm.  If you’ve had a rough day at work, when you get home, drag your partner to the bedroom for a quickie to boost your mood right back up. If you’re tired of hearing your mom ask when you’re going to settle down and get married, call your partner over for a quickie to boost your mood faster than foreplay and sex would! If your partner seems to be down in the dumps and their attitude is bringing yours down too, surprise them with a quickie to boost their mood right back up too.

Knowing that you can have sex whenever and wherever you want instead of having to schedule one or two nights a week that you might or might not have time for will be a fun, thrilling, mood boosting adventure in your relationship. Clearly, quickie sex is just as important as long, drawn out foreplay and sex is. By having a quickie sex session just as often as you have long sex sessions, you’re sure to add an extra level of excitement to your relationship, whether it be with a fuck buddy, a new boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a long term partner.