When you climb into bed with your partner you may be anxious to flip your lamp off. If you know that bedtime play is going to happen, you may be more eager to flip the switch. Why do we worry so much about the lights being off? For some, it may be to create more intimacy. For others, they may be uncomfortable with themselves. Some may not be comfortable with the size or shape of their body. Some may worry that their O-face isn’t sexy or could turn their partner off. Instead of leaving the lights on and trying to hide their sex faces, they’d rather flip the lights off and hide.



What if I told you that your partner likes your sex face. Your partner loves your body. Your partner would rather leave the lights on so they can see your body and your sex faces. They like to see how your body reacts when they’re pleasuring you, it turns them on knowing they can do that to you.

Here are five reasons to leave the lights on next time you have sex!


1. It Creates Intimacy

Turning the lights off obviously create intimacy, but did you know that leaving the lights on also creates intimacy. When the lights are off you’re forced to use the act of touch to find your way around your partner’s body. Turning the lights off can be sexy but when you leave them on, it’s a deeper intimacy because you get to watch the whole thing.



Sex is already intimate but when you leave the lights on it’s an intimacy you can see as well as feel. With the lights on, you can look down and watch your partner tease and please your most intimate parts. With the lights off you’d be able to feel this act but if you’ve never actually seen your partner’s tongue (or whatever other body parts! or toy!) go to work on you, you’re really missing out. You may wonder if your partner enjoys going down on you, with the lights off you’ll be able to see for yourself that they love it just as much as you love getting it.


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2. It Makes Sex Positions Hotter

Missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, spooning, and reverse cowgirl are some of many common sex positions. They’re also just a few of many positions that are hotter with the lights on. When you leave the lights on during sex, you’ll be able to see exactly how your partner’s body moves against yours, during sex. You’ll be able to see just how their body folds into yours.

You and your partner will both enjoy the view of your already favorite sex positions when you’re able to see what you look like in them. The visual you’re giving yourself when you leave the lights on during your favorite sex positions might be just what you’ve been looking for to achieve that stronger orgasm. Enjoy the view of watching your bodies slam together until you both reach climax.


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3. It Shows Vulnerability

When you have sex you’re already being vulnerable. You are completely opening yourself up and trusting yourself with the other person. When the lights are off, you don’t think about how vulnerable you’re actually being – especially if you’ve been with your partner for quite some time. When you leave the lights on during sex, it shows your vulnerability. It shows your partner that you’re there, that you and your body are ready for them.



Vulnerability is sexy, it shows confidence. Vulnerability can boost your own body image and how you see yourself as well. When you see for yourself that you’re strong and independent, it boosts your confidence. Also, when you see with your own eyes, with the lights on, just how much your partner worships your body you’ll find a whole new level of confidence. Speaking of which…



4. It Improves Body Confidence

It doesn’t matter what your body image is, almost everyone can look at their own body and find something they don’t like. Maybe you’d like the number on the scale to go down. Maybe if you could get rid of a few freckles you’d feel better. It’s possible that you want to put some weight on because people tell you you’re too skinny. Whatever your body image issues may be, you need to re-define them. Quit shaming yourself what how you wish you looked and enjoy the body you’re in.

When you leave the lights on during sex, you’ll see just how sexy your body actually is. You won’t be looking at your self-proclaimed flaws. Instead, you’ll be watching and feeling what your partner is doing to you. You’ll watch your partner squirm in pleasure from your movements. When you realize just how sexy your body is, your flaws won’t seem like flaws at all.



5. Discover Each Other’s Turn-ons

When you leave the lights on during sex, you’ll truly find out what turns your partner on. Maybe there’s a certain act you do when you’re going down on them that you think they like. When the lights are on you’re able to watch their facial expressions and see how they react. Maybe there’s something you don’t do for your partner very often. When you do the act with the lights on, you may find that you need to do the act more than usual because your partner is enjoying it more than you knew!



The same goes for your partner when they’re pleasing you with the lights on. If your partner tries something that you really like, don’t hide your expressions! If your partner sees with their own eyes how much you enjoy it, chances are they’ll do it more often, even when the lights are off. Use the act of leaving the lights on in the bedroom to truly find each other’s turn-ons.


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Your partner enjoys pleasing you so let them watch the show and leave the lights on. When you climb in bed tonight, don’t be so anxious to do it in the dark. Put your negative body energy on the back burner for a little while and allow yourself to boost your body positivity. Create a new kind of intimacy for you and your partner. Be vulnerable and enjoy watching your favorite sex positions become even hotter. After one night of leaving the lights on during bedroom play, you’ll find yourself wanting to leave them on more often!