If you’re already having shower sex, great! You know just how enjoyable it is! But if you’re not already having shower sex, it can be a new, different and exciting time in your sex life. You’re already naked, you can get dirty before getting clean, and having the warm water rush over both of you while you’re doing it is a sexy experience on it’s own. While you still need to be careful of slipping in the shower and getting injured, we have put together six of the best shower sex positions and how to do them. These shower sex positions are sure to make you wish you would have started having shower sex a long time ago, or will give you ideas to make your next shower sex session even steamier.



On Your Knees

A great starter sex position for the shower and a sexy oral sex position; getting on your knees is sure to get you both warmed up, turned on, and ready for more. Have your partner get on their knees while they go down on you and eat you out until you’re pleased, then switch and let them stand while you get on your knees and give them oral pleasure until they reach orgasm or until you’re both ready to try a new and different shower sex position. Your partner is going to be extra turned on watching you do this in the shower, because as you’re tasting their most intimate parts, they’re also watching the water flow on and around your face. This position is safe for the shower because while one of you is on your knees, balancing yourself, the other is on both of their feet for balance, preventing either of you from slipping into the other and causing a not so sexy slip and fall in the shower.




We recommend silicone-based lubricant for shower sex. It lasts longer in the shower, but is not compatible with silicone toys.



Bent Over

With your legs straight, bend over all of the way. You can also bend over with your hands on the shower wall and let your partner remain standing while they enter you from behind. This will give them the view of your backside while you simply stand there and enjoy the pleasure. This position makes the water run over your backside while hitting your partner’s front side, keeping you both extra warm and wet through the whole experience. This position is safe for the shower because your partner is able to stand on both of their feet while you’re standing on your feet and holding yourself up with your hands. It’s all about the balance in the shower to make sure neither of you slip and fall taking the other down with you!


Doggy Style

You’ve probably done doggy style several times outside of the shower. If you weren’t aware of the name of it, Doggy Style is the position where you get on your hands and knees and allow your partner to enter you from behind while they are also on their knees. Much like the bent over sex position, this position will give your partner the view of your backside, which your partner is sure to love. It can be a safer position since you’ll both be on your knees instead of standing up. This positions creates extra stability while having sex in the shower because you’re both on your knees and if you do slip a little, you’re already that much closer to the ground.



Have a Seat

Have a Seat can be more of a romantic sex position for shower time. Have your partner have a seat on the shower floor and straddle them while sliding them inside of you and riding them to your heart’s content. The warm shower water will be rushing over the both of you while you’re getting slippery wet together inside and out. This position is safe since both of you are sitting and it’s a great way to reconnect in a romantic setting with your partner on a whole new level. This is probably one of the most secure sex positions for having sex in the shower. You’re both sitting down on your bottoms as low as you could possibly go making it almost impossible for an accident to occur. This position also works if you have a shower seat, and can be adapted with you sitting facing away from your partner.




The Last Stand

Be careful not to slip and fall in this more advanced shower sex position! While you’re both standing and facing each other, pick up a leg and let you partner hold it up while they enter you and hold you from behind. Your partner will love watching the water fall in and around your face while they bring you to orgasm standing up and facing them. This particular sex position allows your partner to hold you and keep the both of you standing up before, during, and after your climax.




You’ve probably engaged in this sex position outside of the shower before, but trying it in the shower can be a new and sexy experience you’re both going to enjoy. If your shower is big enough, have your partner lie down and lie on top of them, riding them until you’re both pleased, or vice versa. Missionary Position is another position that can be romantic, pleasurable and comfortable for both partners. Since you’ve probably done this outside of the shower, you already know what you’re doing. The only difference is you’re both naked, wet, and warm from the shower water running over both of you. Much like the have a seat position listed above, this is another secure sex position for the shower because you can’t fall when you’re already down.



Again, be mindful of any slipping that can happen while having shower sex, especially in the standing up positions, but also enjoy the sexy sensations you’re sure to experience while having shower sex. Shower sex is a different but just as exciting sexual experience as any other you’ve tried. After trying one or all of these shower sex positions, you’re both going to want to have shower sex more often! Savor the new and pleasurable intimacy and sexual communication this opens up in your sex life and enjoy shower sex for many years to come!


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