Last week, I wished a very happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom …and then to my birth control pills. Shout out to science for letting me postpone childbearing indefinitely.

I take a combination pill, so while it’s not of the utmost importance that I take it at the very same time every day, doing so makes it into a habit and I’m less likely to forget a dose. For individuals who take progestin-only pills though, taking your pill just a few hours later could be the difference between Sunday fun-day cocktails, and celebrating Mother’s Day next year in a whole new light.

We’ve got six ways to make sure you never forget a pill again!

1. Make taking your pill part of a routine.

A simple way remember to take your pill is to associate it with something you already do everyday. Try taking your pill right after you brush your teeth in the morning, or right before your daily gym session. Still a student? Pop that pill in your mouth at the beginning of every math class. No matter your lifestyle, there’s likely some things you do every day, no matter what — make taking your pill one of those things.

2. Set an alarm.

Maybe your life is hectic and every day is an adventure. If you don’t have a set routine, try setting an alarm to go off at the same time each day. Use an actual clock or watch, set a reminder on your phone, or even on Google Calendar. If you’re using your technological means, jazz it up with relevant emoji.

3. There’s an app for that.

There’s a plethora of apps available for tracking your period, and many of them double as birth control reminders. Personally, I’m a fan of Spot On by Planned Parenthood.  It doesn’t have as many features as some apps, but I love its simple interface and there’s never any pop-ups urging me to upgrade to a paid version. Plus it’s gender neutral!

4. Ask friends to remind you.

If you have a friend or roommate who uses daily birth control also (or who doesn’t, but is comfortable talking about it), you can remind each other. There’s nothing like accountability! Though relying on someone else to remind you may not be ideal, it can be a great back-up reminder. It’s also great when travelling or camping, or during any other activity that throws off your routine; I gave up my phone and slept outside for a week for charity earlier this year, and I definitely would’ve forgotten to take my pill had I not had friends with better memories than my own.

5. Keep pills where you can see them.

I keep my birth control in my bedside table, so they’re one of the first things I see each morning. Try keeping your pills by your phone charger, beside the toaster, in your makeup bag, or anywhere else you’ll see them everyday and the visual reminder will jog your memory.

6. Create a tracker.

If you’re old-fashioned or need to write things down, check off when you’ve taken your pill in your day-planner, or on your habit tracker for the month.  Love bullet journalling? Why not create a chart or page devoted to keeping yourself childless?

How do you remember to take your birth control pill every day? Or have you switched to a more longterm method? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!