Just last month, SHE took over Brooklyn’s Expo Center in Greenpoint for their 3rd annual Sex Expo. This upscale 2-day affair had over 100 vendors, 20 expert speakers, and record-breaking attendance, with over 1000 people converging to discover the latest innovations in sex toy technology, learn from intimacy experts, and enhance their sex lives. This open-minded environment explores all things sexuality, from romantic gifts and tantra workshops, to BDSM play and crash courses in all types of kink. We went behind the scenes with the pleasure-experts at TENGA to experience all the event had to offer, explore their United States of Masturbation survey, and check out the latest cutting edge pleasure products. Here’s what we loved the most…

1. Becoming a Masturbation Warrior

A key aspect of sexual health isn’t just partnered sex – it’s masturbation! Solo sex is essential to exploring your own desires, indulging in your fantasies, and finding out what feels good and gets you off. TENGA knows how important masturbation is – which is why they’ve launched their United States of Masturbation survey for the second year in a row! For two years, the survey has explored how masturbation does – or doesn’t – play out in our lives and relationships – even correlating with our self-confidence, relationship satisfaction, and even employment.

Dr. Chris Donaghue (of Loveline with Amber Rose) spoke to a crowd of hundreds at the event, going over the key findings of the survey and encouraging all of us to become Masturbation Warriors – a term coined by TENGA to describe people who get it on with themselves at least 4 times a week. Are you up for the challenge? We, along with dozens of others in the crowd, pledged to be pleasure advocates and talk about masturbation more frequently with our friends and partners, to reduce the stigma around solo sex. We’ll be sharing our favorite, most interesting findings from the United States of Masturbation survey next week… so stay tuned!

2. The Latest in Pleasure Product Innovation

Many of our favorite brands unveiled their latest pleasure products at SHE – from high-tech innovations to simple, sleek toys, and even adorable products entirely based on emojis. TENGA had their full line of men’s and women’s toys on display, with their latest Flip 0 (Zero) taking center stage, as well as their uniquely sculpted 3D Series. Our penis-wielding writers will be reviewing these later this month! We’ll also be reviewing the latest products from their women’s line, Iroha – including their adorable lipstick vibe, their unique plus line, and the super soft Minamo. All of these reviews are to come – so stay tuned!

Beyond these gorgeous products from TENGA – many of our other favorite brands were represented at SHE. We checked out a super cool ice cream cone lube vial from Unbound, a wide range of hemp and CBD products from The White Unicorn, the very versatile MysteryVibe, a ton of brand new products from We-Vibe, the entire Satisfyer line which uses suction to create unparalleled pleasure, the always-gorgeous crystal toys from Chakrubs, and the yet to be released banana vibrator from Emojibator. We’ll be reviewing many of these gorgeous products soon too. You won’t want to miss it!

3. Engaging Sexuality Speakers

Beyond Dr. Chris’s talk on the United States of Masturbation survey, dozens of experts in the field to offer informative, fun, and empowering workshops on everything from blowjobs to anal play, erotic writing to spanking. Sex Geek founder Reid Mihalko was the official emcee for both days, and also hosted his own workshop on negotiating threesomes. One of my personal favorite seminars was with Midori, exploring various types of wraps, binds, and ties for BDSM play. Another personal favorite, “Big, Fat, Hot Sex” with Laura Delarto was totally empowering, body-positive, and life-changing. Whether you’re just starting to explore your sexual desires, or looking to keep going with “Sex After 50” (a workshop by Walker Thorton), SHE has you covered!


4. Interactive Experiences

Beyond the workshops, product demonstrations, and speakers – SHE has tons of interactive experiences throughout the event space (as if you needed more reasons to come!). On stage, StripXpertease, a New York based company that offers erotic dance classes, performed center stage to demo what you can expect from one of their lap dance classes – lots of instruction you could easily bring back home for a strip tease in your own boudoir. Another NY-based company, the Tantra Insititute of New York, gave a demonstration of various breathing and touch exercises you could use with your partner to gain an enhanced experience of sensuality and closeness.

On the floor, you could get your photo taken with a slew of sexy, kinky props in a Photo Booth full of all your friends. There were also blow-up vibrators, cardboard eggplant and peach emojis, and giant faux penises perfect for photo opps. I even got to experience an exercise in erotic mindfulness with my partner, at Chamin Ajjan’s psychotherapy booth, where we closed our eyes and were guided through a few minutes of sensual meditation, until the entire room melted away and we were encouraged to focus on our own erotic energy. Upon opening our eyes and being given a glass of champagne, it felt like we had woken up from a nap – completely recharged and ready to take on a day of sensuality, even after hours exploring the floor.

5. Erotic Dick Pic Art with Dicture

One of our favorite new finds was not a sex toy company at all, but an artistic movement to turn boring dick pics into true works of art. The genius photographer behind Dicture dresses up a vast array of penises in costumes to create art – from “Make America Hard Again” Trump Penises to “Old Saint Dick” for the holidays, and even “Dicki Minaj”. We are so obsessed with this art project!

6. Sex Positivity Galore

From product demonstrations to expert sex education, entertaining workshops to empowering photo booths – SHE creates a refreshing, sex-positive environment where all are welcome to come, learn, explore, and celebrate their sexuality. TENGA’s focus on masturbation sums this up perfectly – sexuality and masturbation shouldn’t be taboo, and it’s time to take pleasure out from under the bedsheets, and into the forefront!

Learn more about the Sex Expo here, and get updates for next year!