You know that girl – the one who is so enamored with something that it consumes her life for weeks on end. She gets bored doing the same thing every day, and constantly looks for ways to make things more interesting. She’s prone to walking away from situations that don’t interest her and quickly losing steam when a project becomes ordinary. But if you can catch her interest, she might just take your for the ride of your life.

So the next time you meet someone with an array of interests too wide to keep track of, remember these few things about passionate people that may make you want to explore:

1. She’ll never stop surprising you.

She has so many interests and hobbies that you’re not surprised when she picks up yet another one – but playing the bugle horn? Definitely something you did not expect. But she wants to show you what she learned and how it works, and though you expected to have a quiet dinner and some TV time, an amateur bugle horn performance is at least a good story to tell your friends. This sort of thing will probably happen weekly.

2. She’ll share her ever-changing passions with you.

When she gets good at something or finds a truly special hobby, she will want to get you interested in it too. And no, you won’t be the first person she has tried to share things with, but she’ll be so flattered when you take a genuine interest. Her friends likely brush off her fleeting passions, knowing they won’t last too long, but when she sees you take an interest too, she’ll find a way to make this passion long-lasting and shareable, because she likes you.

3. Think she’s passionate in everyday life? Take her to the bedroom.

Just like she gets bored doing the same thing everyday, she’ll get bored doing the same thing every night. She’s willing to try new things, but she’s probably already an expert in most. She’s not afraid to take the lead sometimes, but doesn’t mind if that’s your job too.

4. She’ll hear you out.

Have a bad day? Just need to complain? She might not understand completely, but she’ll let you get it off your chest. She’s experienced frustration, heartbreak, and sadness just as you have. Maybe not for the same reasons, but she wants to listen and try to help because she knows everyone has their faults and weaknesses, and knowing yours makes you all that more special to her.

5. You’ll never get the same present twice.

If she’s passionate about making things, you can bet your presents will range from brain games to homemade soap, from baked goods to furniture. Some of them won’t make sense, and some of them will have absolutely no use to you – but the smile on her face when she gives them to you makes it all worth it.

6. She really wants to try what you want to try, too.

She always has something on her mind that she’s interested in, but there are just some things that she would never think of. She appreciates that you have your own interests, and wants you to share them all with her. Even if they’re not her cup of tea, she would rather have tried and hated them than never have tried them at all. And even when she does hate one of your interests, she’ll be happy to at least have spent time with you.

7. If you’re lucky, you’ll be one of her great passions.

Sometimes you might get scared that you’re not interesting enough to hold her attention, and that might be true. But as long as you’re willing to try new things with her and deal with her explosions of creativity and fleeting hobbies, she will gladly bring you along for the ride.

The passionate girl in your life will move fast and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re slowing her down. She’ll get depressed if her new passions don’t work out well, and she’ll have endless energy for the ones that do. She lives an exciting life full of fast changes and quirky people, and she’ll feel lucky to have someone to share things with that is as open-minded as she is. It might not last forever, but neither of you will ever regret the random, unique, and crazy experiences you have together.