A themed party can be a blast, no matter if you are a small kid or a full adult. But if the same-old ideas are not tickling your naughty mind enough anymore, we’ve put together a list of sexy themes that are guaranteed to spice up the night for you and your friends.

1. Sexy Superheroes

This is something that also perfectly suits a hot Halloween party, so feel free to save this one for the fall. Think about your favorite hero or heroine and imagine him or her in an overly sexualized costume. If your imagination isn’t enough to help you come up with ideas, don’t worry, costume shops online are full of “alternative” versions of famous characters’ costumes. If you pick the right character you won’t even need to find a “sexually enhanced version”: a gladiator with a skirt made of leather strips and a Catwoman costume can be pretty sensual just as they are, especially if you have the “physique du role”.

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If you want your guests to put more effort and bravery in their costume choice, tell them in advance that there will be a contest with (silly or sexy, depending on the crowd) prizes for the best costume, as voted by everyone at the party.

2. Anything But Clothes

Otherwise known as an ABC party, this is a party theme idea for creative people …possibly creative people with a dirty mind. Each costume should be made with anything that cannot be considered something you might  normally wear: from duct tape to empty boxes, balloons, or even toilet paper, anything can do!

It might look a bit trashy and you may be wondering “What is the sexy part?” Well, costumes made this way are not going to cover every bit of skin, and are unlikely to last for the entire party. Add some dancing, drinking games, and other activities to entertain your guests, and eventually someone will end up practically naked. Extra points go to those who come to the party without any clothing to change into when they leave.

3. Luxurious Lingerie

This steamy suggestion is a party where every guest is allowed to show up wearing only underwear. For girls, there is plenty of choice: from bras to babydolls, and corsets to kimonos. For boys, trunks, boxers and briefs are all that they should wear. Who knows, maybe a daring guest will wear something even skimpier a la Magic Mike. There’s no need to look like a supermodel to feel comfortable at a party like this, what matters the most is to feel confident enough with your body. If you feel great, you’ll look great.  A lingerie party is all about body positivity!

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Of all the party themes on this list, this is the most elegant and every detail, from the location, to the decorations and the drinks should reinforce this idea of elegance. If you are curious about how strawberries and champagne match together, this is the right occasion to find out! As for games and activities, even though it won’t last long, a classic game of strip-poker can be a good idea for a party like this…

4. Naked Toga

In ancient Rome, the wildest parties were called Bacchanalia, which were festivals dedicated to Bacchus, god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy… Now, we don’t suggest you go all-in in terms of fidelity to the original Bacchanalia when planning your party, but you can definitely take some inspiration.

First and foremost, everyone should wear a toga, the classic Roman robe. It’s easy to make one using a white blanket, sheet, or cloth – and there are several ways to wrap them around the body. To make things a bit sexier, make sure that the toga is the only thing everyone will be wearing at the party: no t-shirts and jeans allowed underneath!

Start with serving finger food and wine on a small table, as well as placing some pillows on the floor around it so that guests can lay on one side comfortably while eating (who knows, maybe bae will even feed you grapes). Complete the theme with music and dance, and it won’t take long before togas will get loose and probably fall off, but you already know that, don’t you?

5. Sexy Outfits Only

Light up sexual desire among your guests by inviting them to a party where only sexy outfits are allowed. It’s not always easy to know what will be considered sexy and not; but we can turn this little “issue” in a good opportunity to make it even more fun. Indeed, you can create some expectations for the party and make sure that everyone will see what they dream about: before the party, have the girls suggest to boys how they should dress for the event and vice-versa. We;re sure you will discover many interesting things about your friends’ minds based on the suggestions alone.  Have a particularly naughty group?  Maybe the suggestions should be anonymous…

What to do at this party, once you have gathered your best friends in their sexy clothing, is completely up to you. You can decide to have a “regular” party, or to push things further with some hot games and activities.  Sexy Twister, anyone?

6. Midnight Beach or Pool Party

This is one of our favorite options when it comes to partying and having fun with friends. It is also easily the best choice to take advantage of the summer weather. Gather your best friends around a pool or go together to the beach. Swimming suits are obviously the suggested dress-code for the occasion. What’s the catch? This party happens after dark!

Bring cold drinks, some light and refreshing food, and have fun with water activities. Don’t forget to be bold under cover of darkness and go skinny dipping!

7. Bodypaint Bash

We think this is a great party idea for people with an artistic vibe. Leave the canvas in the studio and paint on your bare skin instead. Even better, have friends taking turns painting each other. Depending on your painting skills, you can go from abstract figures to something more challenging, like trying to turn a human into a wild animal or even painting clothes on someone’s skin.

We love these neon body paints from The White Unicorn!

To keep everything tidy and avoid paint stains everywhere at an indoor party, it’s a good idea to cover sofas and chairs with blankets or towels. Plus, if you use blankets and towels you don’t care about, you can also rip them into square pieces and turn them into little paintings to gift to your guests as an artistic memory of the party.

Everyone can have a sexy themed party with their friends. Depending on the theme and the activities that you choose, you’ll not only throw a party that has everyone talking about it but you’ll also strengthen the bonds within your friend group.

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