Sometimes, you will reach a point in your relationship where everything is too familiar and too predictable, and this may make you feel bored. Don’t worry. Every person who has been or is in a long term relationship has experienced this once or twice. It does not mean you love your partner less, it only means you need to spice things up a bit to debunk your routine. Here are 8 tips on how you can spice up your relationship.

1. Be More Affectionate

As the days go on, the honeymoon phase seems to slip away. By honeymoon stage I mean, constant PDA, “good morning, beautiful” texts and obnoxiously smothering each other with new love. To enhance or revive your relationship you need to make affection a focal point in your daily routine. Whether its a peck hello and goodbye or sharing a 20-second hug. May seem a little obnoxious but what seems semi-forced now will fall into place once the spark comes back.

2. Quality Time

It’s easy to get caught up with your job, friends, or even random shit that’s going on around you. Most of the time it pulls you away form your significant other. Scheduling some QT with you partner throughout the week and/or weekend can help remind you both that you enjoy spending time together. Not quantity—  quality.

3. Little Love Notes

You might think it’s cheesy and corny, but sending a love note once in a while can make your partner feel special that you think about them and it made you write a love note. The technique is a little old school but just look at how old couples remained strong – it’s because of these little gestures.

4. Be Direct

Being coy and not saying what you feel or what you want will not get you anywhere. This will not fix anything that you want to fix. He will not know unless you speak. Be open, be honest. Tell your bae exactly what you want. Your partner will appreciate the honesty and he can improve his performance too.

5. Compliment each other

A relationship gets boring mostly because you no longer act like you did during the courtship stage. Here’s a trade secret: if you want your relationship to continue the spice, never stop the courtship stage. Meaning, don’t stop complimenting each other, saying nice things and being nice to your partner. It’s a forever courtship out there if you want to keep the spark alive.

6. Date Nights

Lack of time to bond with each other is also one way for you to lose the spark. Being too busy with work and hardly seeing each other, let alone eating together, can be the downfall of your relationship. Always make time for your partner and go on a date. This is where you can be pretty and relive the courtship days.

7. Communicate

The most basic and most important factor to make a relationship work. Talking does not have to be formal or technical. He’s your partner and you can basically talk to him about anything and everything. This is where you can share your dreams and ideas, and you can plan the future together.

8. Increase Cuddles

The most essential component to spice things up in your relationship – the bedroom. Spending more time with your partner in bed to cuddle and (ahem) make love can singlehandedly spice up your relationship to a maximum level. This incorporates my first two tips! Full circle, sluts!

These are simple and romantic ways to improve your relationship. If you are really into the person, doing these things will not be a problem. Spice up your romance to keep the relationship on fire.