Friends with benefits (or FWB) is possibly one of the best types of relationships. It’s a friend that you can casually have some great, meaningless sex with, without things getting awkward, at least, in theory!  Here are seven ways to make your FWB actually work without any drama or friendship fall-outs.

1. Find someone you don’t want to date.

Go for a person that you already think is hot, but have zero feelings for – at all. If you’ve already heard this person fart, have been friends with their exes, and know their flaws, you’ll be able to put feelings on the shelf and just enjoy a friendly casual hookup.

2. Establish rules.

FWB is all about fun, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t get hurt. Set boundaries in advance to avoid any hurt feelings. Maybe you don’t want to know about the other people they’re sleeping with, or mutual friends are off the table. Keep it clear, and stick to it!


3. Remember that you’re not dating.

Don’t go on dates, check-in daily, send good morning texts, or go out to dinner. Just order some pizza, have a beer, and hang out. That’s it!


4. Date other people.

Keep looking for the right person while you have fun with your friend. It’ll keep you in the dating game so you don’t get attached, and you’ll still be getting your sexual needs met so you never feel desperate or thirsty.


5. Remember your FWB is not your soul mate.

You might have a great friendship, but you friend-zoned them for a reason! Remember that you signed up for casual fun. If you enjoy each other, that’s a good thing – but that doesn’t mean it’s falling in love!


6. Expect it to end.

Typically, FWB’s tend to end when one person starts to find their perfect someone. Know that this relationship is fun and temporary, and celebrate when it’s time to move on!


7. Be open, honest, and cautious.

If you start to develop feelings, be honest with yourself and your FWB. Could they feel the same way? Or is there no chance? Approach the topic cautiously and casually to feel them out, but know that it may not be reciprocated.

Stay honest with each other and make sure you’re both on the same page about what you’re looking for and it’s totally possible to have a successful friend with benefits relationship!

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