Forecastle Festival is hitting Louisville, Kentucky for another year this Friday, July 14th until Sunday, July 16th! With ton of awesome bands and artists on slate to perform throughout the weekend, this indie and alternative rock festival (with some electronic their pmusic mixed in) is one not to miss in the south this summer. Here’s why we can’t wait for Forecastle, and why you should get your tickets ASAP before they sell out!

1. The Lineup is BADASS

First of all, Odesza, Cage the Elephant, Capital Cities, and Waka Flaka are all playing on Friday. If that’s not enough of a reason to get tickets right now, Saturday’s performers include Nathaniel Rateliff, Phantogram, and LCD Soundsystem. Sunday’s performers include Weezer (omg), PJ Harvey, X Ambassadors and Tycho, among a ton of others. To see the entire list of performers, check out their daily lineup here.

2. It’s in Bourbon-Loving Louisville

Did you know that Kentucky is the bourbon capital of the world? Giving homage to it’s libation-loving roots, Forecastle has a sampling lounge that you can indulge in throughout the weekend with a simple wristband. After the festival, make a night out of the Urban Bourbon trail in downtown, with bars featuring several hundred bourbons each offering specials and samplings of their favorite spirit.

3. Fireside Chats

Sometimes, amid our love for the music, we all need some quiet time to re-center ourselves. That’s why Forecastle Festival also hosts to several fireside chats in the Bourbon Lodge, to chill, unwind, and learn a thing or two about liquor. On Friday, learn about bourbon with author and Fireside Chat curator Fred Minnick, for a conversation aabout the complex world of bourbon distilling. Saturday and Sunday are filled with other chats that also look super interesting and center around the world of bourbon.

4. Late Night After Party Shows

What happens when you’re had a day of awesome music and Fireside Chats, but you’re just not done? Friday and Saturday nights, Forecastle Fest is offering late night shows to those who just don’t quit. You do need to buy tickets for after-shows separately, so make sure you check out the full list of after parties here.

5. Protect Biodiversity

The Forecastle Foundation works to protect the natural biodiversity that occurs all around the world. They currently have projects in Kentucky and Brazil, but are looking to expand further. The Forecastle Festival private auction aims to raise money and awareness to allow them to further protect nature. Bid on a bourbon-filled Kentucky experience, a wireless sound system, or tickets for Forecastle Fest 2018, among a ton of other cool prizes that can be found here!

6. Forecastle Derby

This mini Kentucky Derby has festival-goers race on plush horses to win tons of prizes – including two free VIP tickets to Forecastle Festival 2018. ‘Nuff said.

7. Hang Out in Unique Spaces

As many festivals do, Forecastle Festival boasts a ton of places to drink and hang out, including the Bourbon Lounge, Gonzo Bar, and Kentucky Landing. Get your fill of real Kentucky bourbon, or if you’re into something a little more low key – there are also beer and cider options.

8. Into art?

The API art show allows artists around the region the chance to showcase their unique work. Take a break from the heat and the lights and entertain your mind with out-of-print and rare art pieces.

9. Easy Transportation

We all want to drink and enjoy the music, but drunk driving is never an option. Plan your trip ahead of time with their super handy transportation guide on their website and their planner. Plan your trip from your house, your arrival gate, or the hotel down the street. They have it all covered. Feel safe knowing that your transportation is planned ahead and prepare to have a blast.

Get Your Tickets!

Basically, Forecastle Fest has it all covered – tons of bourbon, fantastic music, and charity to give back to the community, too! Grab your ticket here – and BONUS: they’re now on sale!