If you were a late bloomer, you may have been praying that your period would come by the age of thirteen. We couldn’t wait for our bodies to tell us that we weren’t kids anymore, and we were finally women! As we grew up, many of us have come to dread our time of the month. We constantly have to worry about finding a bathroom, carrying tampons around, and can’t even have sex without making a massive mess! We may hate the cramps and bloating, but what many of us don’t realize is that what is happening in our body is literally mind-blowing – and a fabulous thing!

1. It May Make You Naughtier

During your period, hormones are literally taking over your body. While many girls feel gross and disgusting, others constantly crave to be cuddled, kissed, and a bit (or a lot) of action. If the last thing you want to do is give your partner some naughty behavior, don’t worry. Hormones affect everyone differently. But, you and your partner may still be able to connect despite your hormones raging. A good partner can flatter and pamper their girlfriend, knowing that she is sensitive and probably feels like crap right now. This affection will, in turn, make you happier, more appreciative, and maybe even encourage you to do something special with them. Everyone wins.


2. Hormones Boost Self Confidence

I know what you are thinking, “how on earth can I feel confident when I am all bloated and bleeding and my face looks like a pizza?” But, as your initial period troubles start to fade, new hormones usually start to kick in on day 3 or 4. These make you start to feel better about yourself, how you feel, and how you look. Although you may feel bloated and downright disgusting right now, research shows that this process will help you feel better about yourself in the days after your period.

3. An Excuse to Lay in Bed All Day

You can definitely justify lying in bed all day watching Netflix with a bowl of ice-cream. It is the perfect excuse to take a sick day and relax. Cuddle up with a nice warm blanket and prescribe yourself some television therapy.


4. It’s Acceptable to Wear Sweatpants All Day

Though it is frowned upon to wear sweat pants in an office setting, you can normally get away with wearing comfy clothes almost everywhere else. Wear slacks to work and go to class in yoga pants. You can wrap yourself up in a fuzzy blanket or a nice big robe when you’re home.

5. You Won’t Be Judged for Breaking Down

You know that cry that you have been holding in for a week? That post-failed-test break down that you tried to avoid? Now is the perfect time to really get in a good cry, and get everything out. Your emotions and hormones are running wild right now. Even the strongest girls break down during their time of the month. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It simply means that you, like many other women, are more sensitive during this time. Thank the PMS.


6. You Won’t Be Judged for Bitchiness

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel a bit bitchier. Every girl is different and no two periods should be treated the same. Some girls don’t experience PMS – or the mood swings, anxiety, and side effects that occur when we are aboard this emotional roller coaster. If you find yourself a bit more judgmental, irritable, or with extreme highs and lows, PMS may be to blame. Know that this is not your fault! It’s totally natural. In fact, this is the perfect time to get things off your chest. Finally, tell your partner that it annoys you when they leave the toilet seat up or tells your roommate that she should probably stop setting six alarms every morning. They won’t blame you. They’ll blame your period (because they do that even when we’re not on our periods).

7. Girls Who Stick Together Bleed Together

You’re not going through this alone. Though some may not understand what we are going through, our girls know what’s up. They may even be having their period as well. They know what to say and do to make us feel better. They will be right there to cuddle you, go on a chocolate run, or even spot you a tampon if you forgot to pack one. Though nobody really seems to understand why our cycles sync, you have to admit it is pretty damn cool. It assures you that you and your besties are much closer than you think.


8. You Can Probably Have Babies

If you menstruate regularly every month, you’re more biologically likely to be able to have babies. Though it may suck right now, your body and your system are functioning properly. What if you’re not getting your period regularly? Don’t panic. Your period may be late, skip, and get knocked out of sync for various reasons – like extreme exercise, stress, weight loss or gain, or an environmental change. This is totally normal. Though if your period is consistently off-cycle, considering checking in with your doctor to ensure your body is working properly.


If you are a sexually active woman getting your period is like Christmas morning. It is confirmation that despite being promiscuous, you have safely avoided pregnancy. You don’t have to invest in a pregnancy test or break the news to your partner. Some women really want to be pregnant, which can make this the worst part of getting your period. Yet for many young women, this is a relief. If you’re not ready to be a parent and make the sacrifices necessary, definitely be thankful for your period!

Though your period may not be your favorite gift, remember all the reasons why it really is awesome. Try to look at the positives: Crack open a fresh tub of Ben and Jerrys, pour yourself a nice tall glass of wine, and relax!