When most people think of working out and fitness, the first things that generally come to mind are running or strength training. Then you can tack on yoga, pilates, cycling, zumba… Hell, I think some people might even jazzercise still. Something not commonly thought of though is pole dancing.

If your mind just went to skimpy outfits, smoke machines, bad lighting, and one dollar bills, you’re on the wrong track. Stripping and pole dancing are not the same thing. I’ve been to a few strip clubs, and while there are some very talented ladies out there, most did a few basic spins, took their clothes off, and done. Pole dancing is way more than that though. For one, your clothes stay on (well, in class at least- you do what you want in private, girl). Two, you are learning to take control of your body and do things that you didn’t realize you had the strength to do. It’s a freakin’ blast too!

My First Experience With Pole Dancing

I was looking for something different to do for a workout. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym and lifting weights, but sometimes you want to do something different, spice things up. I’d heard some women talk about doing a pole dancing class for bachelorette and birthday parties, and how much fun it was and how sore they were the next day. So I checked out Google for a place to take a pole dancing class near me. Luckily, I found a business only 30 minutes away from me called Miss Pole. They offer classes at various levels, one day a week for six weeks and at a very reasonable rate!

I felt comfortable wearing yoga pants, a tank top, and just some socks. If you want to you can wear heels, but it’s totally optional. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I showed up, but to my surprise, the women in my class ranged in age from early twenties to mid-thirties. My instructor was a total riot to be around and she made us all feel at ease right away! The class was very laid back right from the start and she did a great job explaining the moves she showed us.


Here’s how the first class went:

We started with a warm-up of various stretches, some with and some without the pole, and then moved to floor moves. It was so much fun! (To give you an idea, one of them was called “the desperation hump”. I’ll let your imagination run wild with that…) At first, I may have felt a little bit awkward because we were practically humping the ground. Yes, a group of twelve women in a room, humping the ground. Wouldn’t that be an interesting sight to walk in on? But here’s the thing, as class went on, the more comfortable I became and the more confident and sexy I started to feel. There was no shame, no judgement, just women doing a fun workout together.

Then we got to the actual pole work, starting with a simple ‘sexy walk’ around the pole. From there, we learned our first spin, “the fireman”, which is a basic beginner spin. I wasn’t nervous at all, and went right into it! SO. MUCH. FUN. The best part was that I didn’t even feel like I was doing workout!

The next day, I did notice I had done some strenuous activity. My arms and core were a little sore, but not horrible. Apparently I was throwing myself into the pole a little too much though, as indicated by the bruises on my inner thighs. Oops!

As sore as I felt the next day, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try something new or seeking a confidence boost. I am so glad I decided to try it, and after my first session is done, I will definitely be signing up for some more sessions!


Seriously, Go Find a Class!

Pole dancing is going to work your upper body like crazy! You’re supporting your entire body weight and lifting yourself. Your arms will get a great workout, and you’ll engage your core. When you are doing spins and holds, you’ll have to position your body and hold poses. I would actually compare it to yoga, except not as boring. (No offence to those who do yoga, it’s just not for me.) It’s also a great way to improve your flexibility! Not to mention, the mental benefits of the class were amazing. I may not have lost a ton of weight or anything from it but I feel great! My confidence in my body has improved greatly and that can be a hard thing to accomplish. It’s a total judgment free zone too! It doesn’t matter what size you are or your age, you don’t even have to have good rhythm.

So, go look for a place in your area that offers classes, bring some friends (or go on your own like I did) and meet some awesome women! I swear you won’t regret giving it a try!