Adam and Eve‘s latest film, Adventures with the Baumgartners, just launched, and we’re bringing the review to you before anyone’s had a chance to check it out.

Based on Selena Kitt’s erotica series, Adventures with the Baumgartners, the film follows the adventurous Baumgartner family as they open their home, bed, and marriage to a sensual cast – including a flirtatious babysitter, her alluring lover, a handsome personal trainer, and several other friends who become intimately intertwined with their story.


Exploring Non-Monogamy

The film explores swinging and sensuality in a way that’s both sexy and cheeky – combining humor and witty dialogue with scenes that are undeniably steamy. At one point, during a scene where three girls are hanging out on a couch ordering takeout, they start talking about open relationships. One of the girls asks the others, “How many guys would be willing to share?” to which another replies, “A lot of them”… after all, a lot of people think it’s hot to see their lover with someone else. “I’m an equal opportunist!” one of the girls chimes in. Non-monogamy is a theme throughout the film, and not just what goes on in the bedroom. The characters talk about love, commitment, trust, and jealousy in a very natural way that feels like you’re sitting on the couch right next to them.

Connection & Eroticism

The storyline feels realistic and natural, with the characters connecting with each other beyond their erotic scenes. That connection sets the stage for even hotter sex scenes later, as secret crushes and hidden fantasies get explored throughout the film. Writer and director Kay Brandt captures organic moments of pleasure, and expertly ties in eroticism with story, connection, and adventure. The actors and actresses were also picked to have different types of bodies, ages, sizes, looks, and personalities – so you get a range of different types of physical characteristics and personal connections. Beyond that, the film shows a lot of aspects of sex that are typically left out, like extended foreplay, laughing, connecting, rolling around, kissing, and cuddling after. Plus, you can tell that the orgasms are very real. Here are some of our favorite scenes…

The Babysitter & Her Lover in the Hallway

One of my favorite scenes in the film is between babysitter Gretchen (AJ Applegate) and her lover Ronnie (Sara Luvv). While watching a movie with their new roommate Paige (Katy Kiss) and her boyfriend Tyler (Ricky Johnson), the B/G couple sneaks off, leaving the girls to wonder what they’re up to. They spy on their new roomie, who’s giving a blowjob to her boyfriend, which inspires them to have a hot, impromptu hookup in the hallway. The scene is really electric, and you can feel their chemistry. They’re nearly ripping off each others clothes, having a ton of fun and flirtatiously laughing as they grab each other. The sex is really hot, but the hottest part to me is how genuinely into each other they are… and that they’re right outside their roommate’s door. Seriously, there’s no way their new roommate didn’t hear them…

If you’re into girl/girl scenes, there’s also two more hot scenes (including Gretchen and Ronnie in bed – which was one of my partner’s favorites), and a solo scene of Gretchen. The first oral sex scene in the film is especially hot… I seriously want to show it to every guy I’ve ever been with and say “Take note! This is how it’s done!”

The All-Girl Roommates Scene

The roomies decide to stay home for a girl’s movie night in. Hanging in their yoga pants and tanks on the couch, they talk about non-monogamy, hooking up with other people, and how Ronnie and Gretchen spied on Paige and Tyler a few days before. Gretchen says, “If  you really want to try to be in an open relationship… maybe we should test your theory…” “What are you proposing?” Paige responds. “Well, of course I would volunteer to be the test subject… but maybe we both could do it!” The girls decide to have a foursome with Tyler in the future… but before that, they want to make sure the three of them are compatible together. Pretty quickly, clothes come off… and the scene is really seamless, with tons of positions expertly maneuvered throughout the scene. I’m not sure these scene would work out so easily in real life, it’s definitely hot as a fantasy.

The Lover & Her Trainer

The boy/girl scene between the Ronnie and her trainer (Xander Corvus) is pure fire. The chemistry between these two is smoking hot, and their scene seems very natural and improvised. Ripping each other’s clothes off from the start, Ronnie is nearly shaking the whole time – covering her own mouth as she tries to hold back the shudders of orgasm. Flipping her from one position to another, the trainer puts his strength to good use during this rough and fast, yet completely connected sex scene. Also, the walls in their apartment must be super thin… because their roommate Gretchen totally hears them, sneaks a peek, and then proceeds to have a solo session of her own in the hallway.

The Baumgartners & Their Friends

The couple who’s names are at the center of the series, Carrie (Annika Albrite) and Doc Baumgartner (Mick Blue) don’t have a boy/girl scene in the film, but still have incredible chemistry in their group scenes (likely because they’re also married in real life!) Their group scene with old friends Daphne (Edyn Blair) and her husband (Derrick Pierce) – and their threesome with just Daphne – are both incredibly hot. Beyond that, they show a really cool aspect of non-monogamy, compersion, which is the feeling of enjoying your partner with someone else. Throughout their threesome, Carrie says several times, “I love seeing you fuck her” to her husband, and you can see that she genuinely takes pleasure in her partner’s desire for someone else. The chemistry between them is so electric, and definitely inspiring if you want to take the plunge into threesomes and swapping.

With over 300 minutes of film and more than 10 seriously hot sex scenes that range from solo and coupled sex, to threesomes and group swaps – this is a film you’ll be coming back to over and over again.

Get it at Adam & Eve here!


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