Dismayed by the number of personal lubricants on the market containing potentially harmful ingredients, Aloe Cadabra set out to create an all-natural, organic alternative. Like most aloe based lubes, Aloe Cadabra is pH balanced to mimic your natural vaginal chemistry. I was excited to try out their all natural aloe version, but despite the natural and soothing promises, it wasn’t the best fit for someone with sensitive skin like me.

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Name: Aloe Cadabra Natrual Aloe
Type: Aloe Based Lube, Lubricant
By: Aloe Cadabra

Hearts: Siren – 3 Hearts (for my partner)
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Ingredients: Organic aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate (food grade), sodum benzoate (food grade), organic vanilla essential oil

Special Features: Glycerine Free, Latex Safe, Moisturizing, Organic, Paraben Free, pH Balanced, Sweet Taste, Travel Friendly


The consistency of this lube was a bit strange. Because this is an aloe-based lube, it has a thick, gel-like texture – when I put some on my finger and turned my hand upside down, it didn’t even drip! This is great in some ways (nobody likes a runny lube) but is kind of unsettling when it’s in your mouth. I really like that this lube isn’t sticky and it doesn’t make me feel like I immediately need to get up and take a shower after a little romp in the sack. Since it is an aloe based lube, the consistency is thicker than others. I eventually got over the unfamiliar texture but if you’re someone who doesn’t like thick lubes, I would avoid this one. Also be sure you don’t have an aloe allergy before using this lubricant.


Like any lubricant, Aloe Cadabra can be used for added lubrication during sexual encounters and is safe for use with your favorite toys. However, Aloe Cadabra’s website also suggests using their line of lubes as topical creams if you experience vaginal dryness or irritation. Aloe Cadabra has been specially formulated to help restore natural vaginal moisture as well.

Beware of Side Effects

Though every other review I’ve read of other Aloe Cadabra varieties talk about how great this lube is for sensitive skin, I did not have that experience. I’ve used other aloe-based lubes in the past with no issues, so I don’t think the aloe was the problem here. I’m not sure which ingredient was the culprit, but something in the product caused irritation like an allergic reaction. I didn’t use any other new products or do anything differently during the same time frame, so by process of elimination, it must have been the Aloe Cadabra. My partner didn’t experience any of these issues though, so your experience may vary. 

Health and Safety

Aloe Cadabra’s website states that their lubes are not recommended for use with polyurethane condoms. If you have a latex allergy, you may find this troublesome. For people who stick to latex condoms, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. Aloe Cadabra lube also has a best before date stamped on the bottle, as the products are all-natural, they will eventually start to deteriorate. Furthermore, a note inside the packaging said to use the lube within 90 days of opening. If this is your go-to lube, you should have no problem using it up within that time frame, as it comes in a fairly small sized quantity. However, if you have several lubes in your collection and like to rotate through them and mix it up, or don’t use lube during every sexual encounter, you’ll definitely want to keep track of when you opened this one to avoid using it beyond the advised three-month period. As stated previously, this product may also cause allergic reactions in some users.

Pros & Cons


  • Tastes good
  • Gel consistency


  • Caused an allergic reaction
  • Expires after three months
  • Cannot use with polyurethane condoms



If you’re looking for a natural, organic lubricant, Aloe Cadabra might fit the bill. However, it’s not the best choice for people with sensitive skin. That being said, my partner had no issues with it. You know your body best, so if you know that you don’t have sensitive skin or aren’t afraid to experiment with new products, you may want to consider trying out this lubricant as an organic alternative.

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