If you want a hands-off experience of pulsing vibrations, inside and out, go grab yourself an Ultimate G. Because this toy stays inside the vagina pretty well on it’s own, you could leave it in while doing other fun things lying down (like roaming your hands along your body). It has a completely unique design with a prominent g-spot curve and two clitoral pieces that rest on each side of the clitoris – all of which vibrate. That said, I was expecting an earth-shaking G-spot orgasm, but only managed to get the always-reliable clitoral orgasm – despite the fact that this toy is made for rabbit-type stimulation. Even so, it’s a quality toy with a unique design sure to please many!

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 instead.

Name: Ultimate G
Type: Vibrators, G-Spot Vibes, Rabbits
By: Ann Summers

Hearts: 2 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Intensity: 4 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 4 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Rechargeable, Textured, Ridges, A/C

Design & Size

At first glance, this looks like a rabbit vibe. At second glance, you notice this has two arms with ticklers on the ends instead of the central clit-tickling rabbit. These arms are intended to sit on each side of your clit to stimulate your inner clitoris through your labia. I appreciate that Ann Summers is trying to do create a new kind of orgasm by paying attention to the almost-entirely-ignored inner clit. I enjoyed playing with this part of the toy and was able to push the arms around to get direct clit stimulation.

The second notable feature is the deeply curved head. Most vibrators will have a straight shaft for easy penetration. This head is made to curve straight into your g-spot, curving at an angle of less than 90 degrees. However, this curve makes an in-and-out thrusting motion difficult and uncomfortable. It’s made to hook into your vagina, stay there, and vibrate, or to be moved around in a rocking or massaging motion. I really enjoy the sliding penetration motion and found that to be a big downside to this vibe. There is about 2.5 inches of wiggle room to penetrate before the head curves to accommodate g-spots in different places. I moved the head around, trying to find the most stimulating position while it sat inside me, but I didn’t find any point that felt like awesome g-spot stimulation.

This product is 11 inches long head to toe, but only 5 of those are insertable. Because of the curve, it only goes maybe 3 inches into your vagina. That gives it a nice long handle. You may find this to be a con because it has extra length and weight hanging out, or you may find the long handle is easy to grab and gives you extra control. I think it could lose an inch or two, but it didn’t bother me.

Vibrations & Power

It was easy to use the vibration’s controls and even see them while using this vibe. There are two sides to the controls: the left side delivers whirring, buzzy-to-rumbly vibrations to the arm ticklers and the entire shaft – while the right side delivers a quiet, lighter buzz to the head for your g-spot. Each side can work independently. If you’re worried about someone hearing you, stick to the right side for just internal g-spot stimulation. The noise level is the difference between a dishwasher and a lawn mower. The right side has up and down control to change the intensity of the head vibration. On the left side, the up and down controls change the pattern of vibration, with 6 patterns to choose from.

The patterns are:

  1. Slow vibration to fast (sounds like a car taking off)
  2. Slow short pulse to long pulse
  3. Rollercoaster vibration (low to high to low)
  4. Steady, continuous pulses
  5. Quick short to long pulses
  6. Quick, continuous pulses

The downside is that you cannot change the intensity of the patterned vibration. However, one of the most outstanding functions of this vibe is the color-coded feedback from the pattern controls. Each pattern lights up the buttons in a different color, so instead of having to scroll through every time to find the one you want, you just look for your favorite color.

My favorite stimulation from this vibe, that ultimately brought me to orgasm, came from the vibrations in the shaft just below the curve. I tilted the handle up and was able to press the shaft directly against my clit. The other vibrations weren’t as powerful or pleasurable for me. The shaft vibrations in the g-spot are very light, and the clitoral vibrations are more tickling and buzzy. The vibrations are light to mid-level, and would be strong for those who prefer light vibrations. Those who like mid-level vibrations will find this vibe perfect. Those who prefer strong vibrations will have difficulty finding a setting that’s perfect for them.

Another nice feature is that the vibe is rechargeable. Not realizing the batteries are dead and you’re out of extras half way through your masturbation sesh. This vibrator comes with a wall-charger that plugs into a hole the size of a headphone jack at the bottom of the toy. Keep in mind, this is a British product so if you buy it, you’ll need a UK to US adapter to plug it into your wall. If you don’t want to leave a vibrator chilling in your room out in the open, don’t be deterred. It can weather many hours of use before needing a recharge, so, unless you masturbate incessantly, you will need to charge it very infrequently. I used in for a total of about 2 hours and felt no decrease in vibration intensity.

Material & Cleaning

This vibe is made of medical-grade silicone. I really love the material. It feels nice to hold and is soft to the touch. The silicone easily warms to your body temperature and stays scent-free. Because of the sleek design and material and pretty pink color, this is a toy I wouldn’t mind falling out of my bag in an airport, although it’s not exactly travel size. However, I had trouble cleaning the toy. The fantastic medical-grade silicone should clean easily. However, the head has deep ridges, the shaft has soft ridges, and the arms have ticklers where lady juices can stick. I washed it with soap in warm water and scrubbed with my hands, only to find crusties still on it the next day. That’s a bit of a turn off. I would recommend scrubbing with a washcloth or some sort of soft toy brush, if that’s a thing.

Pros & Cons


  • Pretty design
  • Smooth, sleek, body-safe silicone
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • Does not fit with all anatomies
  • Hard to clean
  • Awkward to use
  • Not waterproof although it would lend itself to a relaxing bath


I love the look and feel of the Ultimate G: a pretty shade of pink of oh-so-smooth silicone. The vibration controls are sleek, not bulky like some standard rabbit vibes. The color-coded control makes the vibration patterns more user-friendly. However, this toy did not bring me the new kind of orgasm I was hoping for. It was not my favorite kind of stimulation, especially as it was difficult to thrust, did not line up with my anatomy, and had weak vibrations throughout. However, I would use it again – and for someone who prefers light to mid vibrations, plus g-spot massaging rather than thrusting, it might bring just the orgasm you’re looking for!

Note: This toy is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 instead.


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