This two-in-one condom and lube pack was amazing! With Atlas Latex Condom with Atlantic Aquasilk Lubricant I was able to skip that awkward and inconvenient step of having to reach for the lube once the condom is on—with this pack its right next to the condom and easily applied. Whether you’re just starting up and are unsure of how much lubricant you may need, or are experienced and like to apply lube liberally throughout sex, this Atlas Latex Condom with Atlantic Aquasilk Lubricant will keep your partner smooth and your body comfortable.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend One Pleasure Dome Condoms instead.

Lube it up

The condom was very well lubricated to begin with, but Atlas also attached a 2ml of Atlantic Aquasilk personal lube that allowed things to glide smoothly and last longer. Equipped with just the right amount of odorless lube on the condom to make the experience more pleasurable for all senses. The lubricant provided was better than any I have tried before. Only downside was that the condoms are a little hard to put on just because of how lubricated they are. Go slow or it might slip out of your hands!

Pros & Cons


  • Well lubricated condom
  • Great quality of lube
  • Perfect personal lube portion


  • Somewhat difficult to put on condom due to lubrication


Overall, it was a great condom made better by the attached lube. Atlas Latex Condom with Atlantic Aquasilk Lubricant is definitely going to become a staple in my sex life! The combo pack gives you a thin and reliable condom with a side of personal lubricant. The two-in-one design is like a one-stop-shop that doesn’t require any pauses in the fun to go get either a condom or lube. I recommend these packs to anyone who is looking for a thin lubricated condom, with the option to add more lube if necessary or preferred.

This product is no longer available. We recommend One Pleasure Dome Condoms instead.

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