Many people love themed lingerie, and what’s not to love? It’s like the middle ground of the Venn diagram in which roleplay and fantasy intersect – it’s not going too far out of your comfort zone, but you can still incorporate some choice props and have a great time. I got the chance to review the Baci Love Angel French Maid lingerie outfit, and while I loved the design, I wish the sizing was more accurate. Petite ladies, this one’s for you.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s French Maid costumes instead.

First Impressions

I loved the design of this cute one-piece. The cups and centre-gusset is white floral lace edged with an extra frill, while the sides, apron, and thong (the front bit anyway) are made of a fine white or black mesh that is very soft to the touch. I loved the way that there’s an extra little lace-trimmed flap that’s meant to mimic an apron, and that the ends of the ribbon bow in the centre of the chest hang all the way down to where your belly-button would be – it adds a little extra flirty fun to the design. It’s also open-backed, with slim elasticated straps from the cups going up to tie behind the neck halter-style, and extra skinny elastic tying around the ribcage for additional adherence. Oh, and I mentioned the integrated thong, right? This lingerie is a serious case of business at the front and party at the back.

Baci really values attention to detail in their lingerie, and this is no exception. The cups are sculpted from two different types of lace instead of just being a triangle cut-out; the edges of the elastic ties are all neatly hemmed; even the ribbon is cut at an angle and won’t fray. The best part? Adjustable. Thong-straps. Yep, you can customise the top bar of the thong’s T-shape to encompass booties from treble to bass with a simple slide. Now that’s smart.

The Fit

Unfortunately, although I got this is a US size 2-14, this sizing is a bit of a lie, despite the adjustable nature of the thong and tie-straps. I’m about a US 10, and I don’t know what kind of 2-14 women this was tested on, but I think they were all fairies. I have a pretty short torso, and this outfit couldn’t encompass my dumpy little frame. Instead, it pulled up uncomfortably at the front, warped the cups all out of shape, and didn’t provide wide enough coverage for the front of the body. When properly fitted, this would lend a sexy, cut-out look to the lingerie. When incorrectly sized, it just looks silly. The cute little apron looked more like a crotch-flap. My D-cup breasts were smooshed beyond the point where they could be called “va-va-voom voluptuous” and into the dicey category of “misshapen abominations of human anatomy,” bulging out the sides and slipping below the lower margins of the cups. I despaired. This only became worse when I tried to remove the outfit. In my attempts to maximise the length and stretch of the piece to accommodate my hulking form, I’d tied the halter- and back-strings pretty securely, and the elastic was loath to release. I almost thought I’d need to seek outside assistance to free myself, but the threat of humiliation before some poor bystander to this debacle allowed me to persevere and I managed to escape with my pride mostly intact.

But wait! You should buy it!

That is, you should buy it if you’re on the lower end of the 2-14 size range, if you’re short, or if you have B-cup breasts. I loved the look of the Baci Love Angel French Maid costume set; and it’s really well-made! Honest. If you’re into fantasy lingerie, have some French Maid roleplay you’re keen to get into, or just want to put it on, dust like three things and bend over a lot while your partner is watching TV, you should get this outfit. Don’t let my bad experience with incorrect sizing stop you from being the petite French Maid of your dreams.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s French Maid costumes instead.


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