Beducated has revolutionized online sexual education. Since 2016, their founders have done extensive research on tantra and conscious sexuality, studying from teachers in India and beyond, to bring pleasure-packed education right to your bedroom (or wherever it is you choose to explore your sensuality) through the convenience and comfort of your own laptop or phone screen.

Through their intensive studies, the founders learned how to be more vulnerable, open, and connected through their sensual practices – not just with partners, but most importantly, themselves, which is the foundation for any sensual connection (self-love and exploration!). The founders have since created this space for educational courses to bring the information they learned straight to you, so your sex life can be enhanced whether you’re solo or with a partner, and you can explore your desires beyond just the realm of physical, for a holistic integrative approach to sensuality.

We recently immersed ourselves in Beducated’s Female Orgasm Online Course, which you can complete alone or with your partner, from the comfort of your home on your own time. You can explore a new section every night or take the entire course in one sitting, depending on your preferences and how quickly you want to explore expanding your orgasm. With this course, you are given the reigns to your own pleasure – guided by their expertise every step of the way.

From the comfort of my home, I was able to learn all about the female orgasm and explore pleasure-focused activities that helped me to become more connected with my body and amplify my orgasmic experience. I loved the flexibility of the course, that it could be enjoyed solo or with a partner, and they it was not heteronormatively driven, but a very broad and open attitude towards all partners. The course definitely gives an empowering approach to show how simple touches, textures, and exploration can bring your sexuality to new heights. After three of us explored the course thoroughly, we can definitely confirm that this orgasm course will take your pleasure to the next level!

Editor’s note: This post is adapted from reviews by authors Felicia and Lindsey and our founder Lorrae.

The Online Experience

Why take an orgasm course online? When it comes to sexual education, the internet can be a great resource – but if you’re simply looking for answers in a Google search, you may not find the answers you need, or may find yourself coming across misinformation or conflicting answers. Beducated does a wonderful job of bringing fabulous insights and expertise to your fingertips, all in one place. It’s a great resource full of information that you can access at any given time, and walks you through orgasmic concepts and techniques in a way that intuitively leads you to more pleasure. You can watch, learn, and play, in the comfort of your own home.

While the course gives tips on pleasuring oneself, you can also take it with your partner. I loved exploring it with someone else, as my partner found the information useful as well, and we could explore the techniques together. Once we found some time alone, I logged in and we began the experience, unsure what to expect, but excited to expand our pleasure. At first glance, the site and course was appealing to look at and extremely easy to navigate, and we knew we were in for a wonderful experience that would unfold and walk us through step by step.

Exploring the Courses

To begin, there was a two-minute welcome video explaining what would be covered in the course. The course discusses six pleasure zones: clitoral stimulation, g-spot arousal, cervical sensation, nipple love, anal play, and multiple orgasms. The welcome video already had me extremely excited to begin the videos, and I was happy I set the entire evening aside just to explore pleasure. The intro also showed how to maneuver through the series of videos, encouraged me to have an “open mind and a curious mind”, and reminded me that “it’s not the destination, but the journey” that’s important. For extra support and community, there is also a sign-up for the private Facebook group that offers connection and guidance with other participants, as well as advice and a platform to express your ideas, experiences, or questions.

The video segments after the intro include detailed, real-life directives with step-by-step instructions on how to awaken your body, explore different sensations and techniques, learn what you enjoy, and what brings you to climax. Other women share their intimate experiences with these techniques and insights they may have learned along the way. On each aforementioned pleasure zone, each video gives an informational how-to that will open up the gateway for you to learn and play by yourself or with a partner. With videos of about six minutes long each, you’ll be guided on different techniques for self-touch, starting with simple touches to warm up your body and erogenous zones, before zoning in on the particular regions of focus, whether that’s the clit, g-spot, cervix, or another pleasure-center. You’re guided to keep touching each particular area in ways perfected to increase sensation, and therefore increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasm.

I loved that in all of the videos, there is an actual person was showing me, on their body, how I can perfect these techniques myself. I did not find the imagery to be pornographic, but beautiful and relaxing. It shows the naturalness of our pleasure in a way that’s authentic and focused on the student’s learning, not a performance. I love that there wasn’t a plastic version of a vagina, but an authentic person exploring the techniques themselves, just as you are with yourself!

For partnered play, to incorporate penetration into your pleasure, each video recommends penetrative sex positions that you could perform to hit these spots during intercourse. They also explore which sex toys are best to stimulate these intimate areas, and the differences between them. I found that the videos were simple and quick, yet extremely informative and helped me to learn more about my orgasm than before. After, there is the option for a guided audio session for individual play or partner play to further enhance your experience.

Learning Orgasmic Techniques

One thing that stood out to me was the technique of edging, or bringing your body close to climax then slowing down or stopping stimulation many times, to ultimately enhance your orgasm. This is often not a technique many of us consider (after all, why put a pause on pleasure?) but when explored through their techniques, it can provide the waves of pleasure to bring your body multiple orgasms. The course also shows that orgasm isn’t always about the climax – sometimes, the build-up to the climax and be the most satisfying part, and whether you’re solo or with a partner, it doesn’t have to be a huge mystery to get there.

The most important thing I learned from the course is to allow myself more time to really ease into pleasure and sensation than I currently am. Many of us race to the finish line, but as the course reminded us in the beginning, it’s about the journey, not the destination! Throughout the course, I was reminded to back up, stop putting so much pressure on myself to orgasm, and stop giving myself only five minutes when I’m alone. It’s okay to take my time, and the course reminded me to really enjoy the moments leading up release, rather than just the release itself. I learned that instead of jumping straight to my most intimate areas, it’s important to let myself become extremely relaxed before doing so, in order for me to reach my full orgasmic potential. This is definitely a lesson you can take with you to both solo and partnered play!

If you’re incorporating this course into learning with your partner, I love that they can learn how to pleasure you, too. When I was watching the videos with my partner, I made sure to comment when the course was talking about something that I liked, and to give my partner feedback on what felt good or didn’t quite for me. Through this experience, you can easily share with your partner the techniques that you’d like them to explore more, and those that you’d prefer less of. Every body is different, and this course open the door to have that communication around your pleasure.

Explore the Female Orgasm Course for Yourself!

I consider myself to be very educated when it comes to sex and sexual pleasure, and this course even taught me a few things. It includes crucial information for pleasuring yourself, and has done a great job of bringing such great information in such an exquisite way. The course was very empowering in showing how simple touches, textures, and exploration can bring your sexuality to new heights. The creators of believe that “sexual happiness is trainable,” and after participating in the Female Orgasm course, I definitely believe that, too. Beducated brings the information to you in a compact, classy, and beautiful way that gives you a hands-on experience to explore your most sensitive erogenous zones for enhanced pleasure and orgasm. With a mission that  “strives to empower everyone to be in tune with themselves so they can create the love life they desire,” Beducated expertly encourages you to explore, expand, and experience your body’s pleasure potential. Through breathing and touch, you can reach a level of pleasure than you ever have before, with many many orgasms in your future!

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