Imagine this: A luxurious, exclusive, invitation-only adult party full of free-flowing champagne, specialty cocktails, burlesque performances, luxurious accommodations, and special guests – where you can freely explore your sexuality among like-minded adventurers. Oh, and here’s the catch: it’s completely ladies-only, and totally free from the prying eyes of men.

This alluring concept comes to life with Skirt Club, the private community made by and for women, providing sex-positive guests with a ‘safe space’ for consensual play with no guilt or strings attached, expressly for the bisexual and bi-curious. Skirt Club Founder Geneviève LeJeune describes,

“Women in general are interested in each other, particularly with the bi-curious and bisexuality trend among women that’s become so prevalent in pop culture today, but sexual exploration can be difficult when you’re concerned about safety and privacy… and where do you have the opportunity to meet these women?”

So, she created it herself, and now is expanding the concept rapidly, with parties across London, Berlin, Sydney, Paris, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Skirt Club is quickly becoming a large, exclusive network and luxury space for ‘girls who play with girls’. We sat down with LeJeune to learn more about Skirt Club, how it’s changing women’s lives and their experience of sexuality, and what to expect when you decide to take the plunge and go to your first adult party!

All photos by Victoria Dawe.

What’s the concept behind Skirt Club?

Skirt Club is for ladies only. It hosts a private members network for the curious kind; both in mind and sexuality. We exist to propel women’s sexual empowerment at a time when sexual fluidity is embraced.

Society is turning a page in modern girl thinking of what “sexual attraction” can mean. Skirt Club encourages that freedom of expression, and therefore our parties are for women only, meaning members can explore safely within their own boundaries and true to their own desires.

What was your biggest inspiration for creating Skirt Club, and what has the journey been like?

Primarily my inspiration came from a lack of understating for women’s sexual needs. Yes that’s right, we have them too! In particular I wanted to provide a safe space where women could explore privately under no pressure.

What can members expect at a typical party?

Women need to engage on a cerebral level before any kind of play is on the cards. We prefer the finer things, soft furnishings, mood lighting, champagne and stimulating, informative conversation. The gracefulness of burlesque ignites the first sensations of desire.

We have two types of events: Mini Skirt a cocktail soirée to meet other members, and Skirt Club the play experience. Events feature a short talk and a sensual performance. We enjoy an educational element as much as the flirt and tease.

Our desire is to build an exclusive all-female community for empowerment and sexual discovery. A network of career minded women with a common interest. Confident, more informed women are more successful.

What impact do you hope your Club will have on the female community?

We have found that women are less inhibited when men aren’t watching.
I am frustrated we still lived in a male dominated world, inside and outside the bedroom. Living in an equal society is our right, and since men continue to have their own spaces; Gentleman’s Clubs and men-only circles then I feel justified in building one for the ladies.

More fundamentally, women are by nature far too pleasing of men’s needs and put his satisfaction first. This needn’t be the case ladies! We are sexual beings too. We have to retrain our belief systems and awaken what excites us, perhaps even discover for the first time. Without a man to make demands on us, we will open up to enjoy our true and uniquely own desires.

Ultimately I want women to feel confident both in the bedroom and in the boardroom. I want women to take ownership, I want women to be more successful in life. And it all starts at home.

How do you think the taboo around sexual fluidity is changing in society? Do you see major differences amongst the locations of your clubs?

Certainly there is a trend in acceptance of bisexuality amongst women, and it manifests itself in pop culture everywhere.

Across the world there is a variance in how comfortable women are with expressing this. I would say Berlin was exceptionally embracing on that front and the British uphold their reputation to be stiff upper lipped. Overall there is little difference in each party past the stroke of midnight.

What tips would you give our readers who may be interested in going to their first play party?

How to flirt woman to woman is always the most intrepid of questions. And it’s always awkward at first because we as women are so very used to men making the first move. How often are you required to chat up and flirt with a girl? And how often do they feel they can respond openly? It’s tricky and seldom happens in a regular public space. The beauty of Skirt Club is we all KNOW that we are ALL there for the same reason, so any questions around ‘will she, won’t she’ are removed. It’s down to you to make your interest known.

Are there any upcoming events or new locations we can be on the lookout for?

Yes! We plan to launch in San Francisco February 2nd and Chicago in May. We are kicking off the New Year with a winter escape to Miami Jan 14th and a chocolate party in LA Jan 28th. All our events for 2017 are listed on our website (here). Hope to see you there!

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