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“Slow down” is common advice we hear in a lot of different scenarios. Slow down at work, slow down on the road, stop and smell the flowers because life is short. What about when it comes to sex? We are in such a rush to have it, it’s over before we know it, and did you really appreciate every moment while it was happening?

A lot of the rushing stems from getting to the “main event” that we stereotypically consider sex, usually something involving penetration. But sex is more than a single defined action. You shouldn’t miss out on the rest of the pleasure your body has to offer. Lucky for us babes, Bijoux Indescrets has created a whole line of products to get us to slow down during sex, and you can try them all with the Bijoux Indescrets’ Slow Sex Experience Box. Each product is designed to connect you with your body, partner, and pleasure. There is such a great variety in this box, massage oils, arousal gels, with something everyone can enjoy, and a few unique items you might not have experienced before. 

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bijoux slow sex box


What’s Inside the Slow Sex Experience Box?

This Bijoux box set comes with 11 full-sized versions of the best arousal gels, pleasure-enhancing oils, and balms from their Slow Sex Collection. Plus a bonus tote bag and travel pouch. There is a product for every sensual activity, designed to really accentuate the whole body so you can explore a more holistic pleasure experience. I would say the box actually thoughtfully takes you through stages of physical intimacy. Items like the Shimmering Dry Oil and the Solid perfume are great to use beforehand to give yourself a boost, feel amazing and desirable. The massage oils are perfect for relaxing and easing into the mood. Then you’re ready to start getting into different kinds of play with the various gels and balms. These heighten sensation across multiple erogenous zones so can take your time and really appreciate all the pleasure points of your body. 


bijoux slow sex box


The physical Slow Sex Box and each item, feature a sleek black and white design. All of the tubes and bottles have a clean and elegant look to them. Bijoux actually markets the Slow Sex collection as a sex cosmetics line and you do get that sense from the high-end minimal style. If they didn’t all say Slow Sex you could mistake them for lip balms, lotions, or facial serums at first glance. Also, everything Bijoux produces is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and all the packaging is recyclable. I always prefer a company that makes the effort to be socially and environmentally responsible.


Get Prepped with these Slow Sex Products 

As I mentioned above this collection has a great variety of products that can be paired with the different stages of an intimate session. Who knows if this was Bijoux’s intention but it’s definitely a happy coincidence. It’s always fun to get dolled up and make yourself feel at the top of your sexy game. Two items that are perfect for this are the Intimate Shimmer Dry Oil and the Intimate Solid Perfume. 

The Shimmer Dry Oil is mainly made of coconut oil. Apply it to your skin or hair to give it some nice hydrating moisture. The added touch of glitter lets you accentuate your favorite parts of your body. Just a few drops from the pipette goes a long way. Use it for play to direct your partner’s touch or functionally to soothe any friction. After you’ve glammed up you can apply the Intimate Solid Perfume which also comes with a mild coconut scent. It functions just like a stick of deodorant, you can rub it in wherever you like to feel extra fresh. Bijoux even says it’s safe to apply on your genitals though I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing wrong with your natural scent and it’s best not to mess around with that environment. 


bijoux slow sex, shimmer oil


Then who doesn’t love a relaxing rub down to get in the mood? The Slow Sex Box comes with 2 kinds of massage oil, the Full Body Massage oil, and the Warming Massage Gel. Both are silky smooth and feature the signature coconut scent and flavor of this line. A massage is the perfect activity for you and a partner to slow things down and connect with every inch of each other’s bodies. The Warming Massage Gel has an additional steamy feature, once you have the gel nicely rubbed into your skin, if you gently blow on the area it will intensify the warming sensation.     


Leisurely Play With these Slow Sex Gels 

When you’re ready to start exploring specific erogenous zones, Bijoux included a few different gels that are meant to heighten sensation. You can use all of these on your own or with a partner to enhance and prolong your pleasure.    

The Nipple Play Gel comes in a roll-on applicator so you can easily and pretty precisely apply the gel straight from the vial. The Nipple Gel is water-based and includes a fascinating ingredient called Frescolat, which is a patented molecule designed to produce a cooling sensation when it hits your skin. You can also have some fun applying the gel with your mouth. If you kiss the gel and then kiss another area of your body the gel and cooling effect transfers there. It’s a great product to explore for anyone that enjoys playing with cooler temperatures. 

The Finger Play Gel is similar to a lube. It’s water-based and meant to enhance your natural lubrication and reduce any friction so you can play longer. It also contains aloe which is usually not a problem for most people but could be a source of irritation for sensitive folks. The Finger Gel is condom and sex toy compatible as well. Similarly, the Anal Play Gel is also water-based and acts as a lube specifically for booty play. It incorporates natural ingredients, chamomile, and arnica to help relax the area which is super important when exploring anal play. Really take the time to go slow so you can maximize the pleasure here, the more at ease you are the more pleasurable your experience is going to be.


bijoux slow sex, arousal gel, clitoral gel


The Clitoral Balm is an arousal gel that enhances sensation around the clitoris. Bijoux’s arousal gel uses ginseng and arginine to naturally create more sensitivity. Part of the stimulation of this clitoral gel is a pleasant warming sensation. You only need to apply a drop or two with your finger for the arousal gel to start working. Gently rub it on and around your clit and you should start to feel the effects fairly quickly. It can last up to 40 minutes but in my experience with most arousal gels, you’ll need to reapply it to keep the effects going. 


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The last few products featured in the Slow Sex Experience Box are all about heightening one of my favorites, oral. The Oral Balm is another type of arousal gel, this time with the same cooling Frescolat molecule as the Nipple Gel. You can apply the Oral Balm to your mouth or directly on your partner. The balm acts as a gliding gel so your mouth and tongue can smoothly run along your partner. The cooling Frescolat creates a stimulating contrast with your naturally warm mouth. Keep in mind that the Oral Balm is sex toy safe but not compatible with latex condoms. 

The Mouthwatering Spray is an interesting product that works exactly as the name says. It’s a citrus flavored spray that makes you produce more saliva. The spray uses malic acid to create the mouth watering effect. With just three pumps of the bottle onto your tongue, the spray starts working. While this is an intriguing effect that I haven’t seen before, I personally don’t see myself as being in need of more saliva. 

The Oral Sex Strips bring something unique to kissing, cunnilingus, and fellatio! These are paper-thin strips that melt right in your mouth and give you a cooling minty freshness. It’s a fun effect to add to your oral play. The strips use spearmint oil to create the minty sensation. There are seven strips in the pack, you just place one on your tongue and it only takes seconds to melt. I like the Oral Strips because it’s a really simple way to experiment with temperatures. It’s less messy than a gel or a balm and it’s a sensation that you and your partner can enjoy simultaneously. 



Enjoy the Slow Sex Experience Box 

The Slow Sex Experience Box by Bijoux is the perfect set to get yourself or you and a partner to connect more deeply. All of the products are meant to focus on touch and play other than penetration. They really encourage you to take your time and fully appreciate every part of the body. I am fully on board with any pleasure products that give us an excuse to spend more time on sex. There is such a great variety, you have massage oils, arousal gels, and to enhance all types of play. The whole Slow Sex collection is available in the box for $175. Each item is also available to be purchased individually, so you can always get more of your favorites.


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