Bijoux Indiscrets is out with a new collection dedicated to the one and only clitoris! I fully endorse any product that promotes the sexual satisfaction of clit owners because, let’s be honest, the clit can never get too much attention. Clitherapy is Bijoux’s answer to the struggles of dating, pleasure, and connection in our modern dating-app world. When most of our interactions start through a screen, it’s hard to feel that true connection but that doesn’t mean you have to go without pleasure. The new line is a collection of arousal balms, gels, and a versatile finger vibrator all designed to heighten pleasure, with a special focus on the clitoris. 


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Clitherapy Balms

There are four clitoral balms within the Clitherapy collection, all with cheeky names in the theme of online dating. Ghost Remedy, Horny Jar, Bad Day Killer, and Sexting Balm are all practically identical in form and function. They each come in a little white tin, which if you missed the part that says clitoral you could mistake for a lip balm. The ingredients list is also the same, Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Candelilla wax, Coconut oil, Soybean oil, and fragrance. Something I really love about Bijoux products is they are free from some of the most irritating ingredients like parabens and sugar. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly showing they really take great care with the products they make. 


bijoux indiscrets, clitherapy, clitoral balms


To use any of the balms you simply open the tin, collect some of the balm on your finger, and rub it gently onto you or a partner’s clit. The balm can be a little stiff at first but just swirl your finger around and it’ll get softer with the heat and some pressure. Within a few minutes you’ll start to feel a pleasant warming sensation as the balm is activating to increase blood flow and sensitivity to your clit. Arousal solutions are great for heightening sensation and adding another level to solo or partnered play. It’s a new exciting sensation and can easily be incorporated into your foreplay. How long you feel the effect is going to be different for everyone, Bijoux says it lasts for roughly 30 minutes. If you feel the sensation fading and want to keep it going just reapply as you go. 

The only difference between the four balms is the scent. So you don’t need to get all of them you can just pick the one with the fragrance that’s the most appealing to you. Bad Day Killer is scented with star anise, which is not my favorite smell. I enjoy the spiced ginger of the Sexting Balm or the sandalwood of the Horny Jar much more. Ghosting Remedy is a fragrance that I needed to look up, vetiver. It’s a very earthy scent, similar to lemongrass. 


Hot and Cold Clitherapy


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The Clitherapy arousal gel, It’s a Match, is described as a liquid vibrator. I can see where they are going with that but it is a slight exaggeration. On top of producing a warming effect similar to the balms, It’s a Match, also creates a tingling sensation, which is not as strong as a vibrator but does feel amazing! The gel uses acmella flower, which is also known as ​​buzz buttons, tingflower or electric daisy, so you can see why it’s a key ingredient in creating the tingling effect. You only need to apply a drop or two of the gel and rub it into the clit. I could start to feel it working pretty quickly, I would like it even more if the sensation was a bit more intense but everyone’s sensitivity is going to be different and you can always apply more!


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It’s a Match is also safe for oral use so you and a partner could both enjoy the sensations from the electric daisy gel. Speaking of oral, another product in the Clitherapy collection is the Swipe Remedy oral sex mints. These are cooling peppermint and menthol mints that bring something unique to kissing, cunnilingus, and fellatio! As they melt in your mouth you start to produce a bit more saliva so you won’t dry out in the middle of a session. My partner really enjoys the contrasting cold sensation that the mints bring to my cunnilingus game. If you like temperature or are curious this is a super easy way to get introduced. 


Add Strong Vibrations to Your Clitherapy

Pair any of the Clitherapy arousal products with the ‘Better Than Your Ex’ clitoral vibrator. This bullet-sized finger vibrator is petite but so effective. It’s marketed as a clitoral vibe but you can use it anywhere on your body for pinpoint stimulation along any of your erogenous zones. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and the finger loop is flexible enough to slide onto whichever finger is comfortable for you. Finger vibrators are great because they’re really an extension of your finger with added power. It’s such a simple and effective pleasure product that usually isn’t very expensive either. Better Than Your Ex comes with a range of 10 different vibrating patterns.

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Bijoux helpfully lays out the modes on their website:

1. 2, and 3. brrrrrrrrrr (at 3 different increasing intensities)
4. brbrrbrBRRBRR-brbrrbrBRRBRR-brbrrbrBRR
5. br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br
9. br-br-brr-brr-BR-BR-BRR-BRR-br-br-brr-brr


The only annoying factor with this vibrator is that it’s battery-powered. This may contribute to the inexpensive price point but you know at some point you’ll be on the edge of orgasm and it will tragically die with no extra batteries on hand! 


Schedule Some Clitherapy

Whether you personally have a clit or you have a partner who does, the Clitherapy collection from Bijoux is absolutely worth a try. The balms and arousal gels are compatible with all types of condoms and sex toys. The cooling and warming effects add a fun layer to your pleasure, and every product in the collection is under $20. In the spirit of the collection take a break from the swiping, liking, and waiting for the other person to message first. Pick out an arousing scent from the balms, try the tingling gel, with the finger vibrator and give the clitoris in your life some much-deserved attention! 


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