The luxurious look and feel of Bijoux Indiscrets’ products has made it one of my favorite erotic brands. Amongst a range of sensual items is their Burlesque collection, a line of beautifully designed pasties sure to entice. My attention was instantly drawn to the Glitter & Bow pasties, which I had the pleasure of trying. Glitzy and alluring, this accessory is sure to bring your inner temptress out… and you won’t want her to go away.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s pasties instead.

Glamorous Design

The Burlesque Glitter & Bow pasties come in a cute, showcase style box. Once the top is flipped, you can see them displayed through a small window- playing on the idea that you’ll want to show off each time you put them on.

And they look exactly as their name implies. Both are covered in dazzling, black glitter and have a hanging, satin bow that stretches across the middle. They have a wide, cone-shaped form that is thin and flexible, yet well defined.

Wearing these did nothing less than capture and keep the attention of anyone who turned their eyes in my direction, giving me an even stronger sense of empowerment. With a vintage cabaret feel, I felt sexier and more feminine.


Before wearing these pasties you’ll have to remove the plastic protectors. Then, like most nipple covers, apply, pressing firmly. Now here’s where Bioux Indiscrets’ Burlesque line really gets impressive! The adhesive backing is extremely strong, allowing for multiple wears without ever needing pasty glue.

And if at any point you notice the stickiness fading, you can easily renew it. Just gently wash the adhesive sides with mild soap and water, let them air dry, reapply the plastic backing, and place them in their original box to protect against dust and lint.


The Glitter & Bow pasties offer an inexpensive way to jazz up up your next striptease, bra-less and sheer top night out, or even just your mood. They have a seductive, attention catching design that’ll give your bare breasts the perfect amount of glitz!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Lovehoney’s pasties instead.


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