Bijoux Indiscrets is luxurious and delightfully kinky – with erotic wear that can be adorned in the bedroom and beyond, to publicly yet subtly share your sensual inclinations. Whether you want something subtle like a necklace that doubles as a whipa mask for a masquerade, or a sensual summer waist chain – or prefer to wear your kinks proudly with handcuffs that are elegant enough for the evening, Bijoux has unique accessories that exist in a realm all of their own. Here, sensuality and eroticism spread their wings with sophisticated gear that can be worn by day or night to spark imagination and desire for an unforgettable sensual experience.

We’ve reviewed some of their gorgeous products in the past, including two harnesses from their Maze line – the simple and stunning Maze X and the much more restrained Maze H. So, when we saw that Bijoux had unveiled even more gorgeous bondage-inspired gear in their collection, we knew had to show them off to our favorite babes (you, obviously!). All of the products in their Maze collection are made from 100% vegan leather that is PETA approved, adjustable to varied sizes, and each is available in black and light brown. The entire collection is stunning and designed to be mixed and matched to your preferences. Below, take a look at our Maze Collection haul – and look out for full reviews of each coming soon!

Hand Bracelet Harness

One of my absolute favorite pieces in Bijoux’s collection is the hand harnesses. This accessory was an instant must-have the first time I saw it, and I love that it can give a bold touch to any outfit. This piece can easily transition from fantasy to anytime you desire. I find myself rocking this super casually, even just to add a touch of badass energy to my outfits on girl’s nights out. This piece is incredibly unique and will definitely bring you compliments and envious glances all night long. If your outfit is more subtle, it will stand out as the main attraction. If you like to go bold in all your evening wear, it will be a welcome addition to your closet!

Get it at:

Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $12.
Or black for $40.

GoodVibes in either color for $40.
Free shipping on orders over $69.
Pair it with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.

Luxe Vibes in black for $40.

Arrow Dress

This beautiful bondage dress climbed to my favorites, and I loved wearing it out on New Year’s Eve this year. It is simple, sleek, and pairs perfectly with the hand harness, wide belt, and shorts garters if you want an all-over bondage look. I chose to rock this look with a lace bralette and high waisted ponte pants for my chilly New Year’s Eve – but will definitely be wearing this again throughout the summer with much more revealing undergarments. I found it to be just the right combination of sleek and sexy. It’s certainly revealing, yet could be considered “understated” depending on the venue, Or, it could be the perfect pair for a very bold look. Your choice!

Get it at:

 Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $24 – regularly $95.
Or in black currently on sale for $29 – regularly $95.

GoodVibes in either color for $95.
Free shipping on orders over $69.
Pair it with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.

Luxe Vibes in brown for $95.

Shorts Garters

I love pairing Bijoux’s shorts garters over jeans for a bold look that doesn’t have to be revealing at all. This is designed to be worn outside the bedroom – versus typical garters which would be attached to a garter belt under your clothes. It’s purposely rebellious and sensuous in public. I love that I can be fully covered, yet still share my sensuality and erotic tendencies out loud. If you’re wearing dark pants, the look is very understated and subtle – and definitely will have people taking another glance to see if they’re seeing correctly!

Get it at:

Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $30.
Or black for $35.

Luxe Vibes in black for $45.

Multi-Way Body Harness

This beautiful harness is a versatile piece that can be strapped and matched in many different ways. I love the O-ring at the front, that can double as a way to tie your hands to your front with Bijoux’s matching cuffs. This is a piece you might be tempted to save for the bedroom – but I personally love to wear these out, whether it’s over a white form-fitting shirt (as pictured) or with a gorgeous statement bra. This is definitely a statement piece, so be prepared to get a lot of looks if you’re going for this daring look on the weekend.

Get it at:

Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $20 – regularly $65
Or black for $65.

SheVibe in black for $60.
Free shipping on orders over $75.
Pair it with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.

Luxe Vibes in brown for $65.

Wide Belt and Restraints

I adore waist cinchers and any lingerie that helps to accentuate that aspect of my figure. So, Bijoux’s wide belt is absolutely one of my favorite go-to products in this collection. It can easily be paired with their harnesses or other gear, or used on its own either as lingerie, over clothes, or with crop tops and high waisted bottoms. No matter how you decide to pair this piece, it’s guaranteed to have you looking and feeling deliciously sensual. This comes as a set with a pair of leather cuffs that can be easily attached to the O-ring in the middle. I love this hidden double use; it makes me feel like I’m walking around with a sexy secret.

Get it at:

Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $20 – regularly $65
Or black for $65.

GoodVibes in either color for $65.
Free shipping on orders over $69.
Pair it with our favorite lubricant, Wicked.

I Harness

This simple, understated harness is just as sleek as it is sexy. You can perfectly pair this with any of the above gear, or wear on its own. I love that this piece includes a collar, which I find to be absolutely irresistible. I love wearing this piece under a dress, so that you can see the collar and harness slinking down… but it’s not entirely revealed. It is a mystery that lets your mind wonder about what’s beyond the seen.

Get it at:

Bijoux Indiscrets in brown currently on sale for $15 – regularly $50
Or black currently on sale for $35 – regularly $50.

Babeland in either color for $50.

Get this gorgeous gear!

We are absolutely obsessed with Bijoux Indiscrets’ Maze collection. Sleek sensuality combined with BDSM fantasies has left me breathless with this collection! I’ve already worn some of my favorite pieces out… from the hand harnesses, wide belt, and Arrow dress on New Year’s Eve – to the harnesses in the bedroom and even at a private bondage club. Bijoux’s stunning pieces are a staple in my closet, and one of my go-to favorite accessories when I want to slip into something more sultry. Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews of each!

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