It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you can never have enough sex toys (universally acknowledged at Slutty Girl Problems, anyway.) With absolutely never ending options of sensations, experiences, and connections that sex toys can provide, comes a never ending quest for the next thrill. But inviting toys into your intimate life is about so much more than fun. They’re important building blocks to your sexual pleasure and intimate relations with others. Toys can not only elevate your sexual experiences but fill in gaps of desire that you can’t fulfill going manual. Having an array of toys that do different things means you’ll always have the right tool for the job. 

Because they’re both fun and genuinely useful, sex toys make the perfect gift! If you still have friends or lovers on your list who will appreciate the spicy and thoughtful present, the best way to get your shopping done in one go is with Black Friday deals. And if you’re number one on your nice list this year, then you can gather some goodies for your own stocking as well. Here are some of our favorite brands that are running awesome sales. 

Luxury Toy X 

Luxury Toy X is like the Saks of sex toys. Their specialty is high quality, innovative, uniquely beautiful sex toys that are as much a pleasure to view as play with. From stainless steel dildos that look like a work of art to an interactive masturbation sleeve and vibrator kit, Luxury Toy X has a stunning catalog of special gifts you can’t get anywhere else. 

For Black Friday, they’re running sales on most of their specialty brands as well as our exclusive code, SGP20, that will give you 20% off some of their best products. We’re currently especially loving their Njoy line!

Shop their Black Friday deals with our code here from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 



Obviously, you want your presents to have a wow factor, to look as pretty as they are fun. Osuga’s signature look puts heavy emphasis on aesthetics. All of their toys have a distinct sculptural flare and texture to them. Many of the toys come with beautiful molded charging bases that act as a glowing bedside lamp. A great example is their OBonny Clitoral and G-Spot Sucking Vibrator. Not only is it basically two toys in one but a stylish bedroom decor addition. This is the best buy for the friend who can never have a pristine enough apartment design. 

They have a great Black Friday deal of 40$ off everything on the site running here now. 


Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy by Empire Labs 

With the Clone-a-Kits from Empire Labs you can truly give the gift of you this season. These super fun, body-safe kits are like two gifts in one. With easy-to-follow instructions, you get everything you need to clone either your or your partner’s willy or pussy! You end up with a high-quality, personalized dildo or masturbation sleeve that just money can’t buy. The kits can be used together for a new date night activity, used alone to make a gift for a long-distance lover, or just gifted as is. 

Shop their Black Friday deals here for both kits. 



If you have a friend who always needs to have the newest gadget, then OhMiBod is your spot. Their creators’ focus is being pioneers of sex tech and nearly all of their toys connect to their proprietary app. Through it you can connect their toys to a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, the heartbeat on a smartwatch, or to each other for an experience specially tailored to you. The app can even be used by a partner to control a toy from across the globe. Gifting OhMiBod toys is more so giving an experience than one gift. For instance, the Blue Motion Nex 3, a dual vibration and cock ring toy, can be used partnered and controlled by the app to supercharge intercourse for both people. 

Shop OhMiBod’s Black Friday deals here

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