Searching for the perfect beginner’s bullet? Look no further. The Collection XOXO by Blush is just that. Not only is this vibrator adorable, but it’s inexpensive and user-friendly. While the vibration power wasn’t quite enough for me, the cute design and affordability more than made up for that. This toy is perfect for anyone who enjoys low to mid-level vibrations or who is looking for a non-intimidating first sex toy!

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Name: The Collection
Type: Vibrator, Traditional Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator
By: Blush Novelties

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Stars: 4 Stars
Devils: 2 Devils
Cars: 3 Cars
Bees: 1 Bee

Special Features: Waterproof, Quiet, Adorable Design, Battery Operated

First Impressions

Right away I noticed how gorgeous The Collection XOXO is. This vibrator is a simple bullet, about seven inches in length and one inch wide. For internal play, I prefer my toys to be on the slimmer side, so this is perfect. However, I do prefer to use bullets on my clit, so that wasn’t so much of a factor. The white shaft has a metallic XOXO print that adds a touch of luxury and cuteness. Finally, the base is a cute baby blue.

The packaging boasts the positives of this toy: It’s made from body-safe material – ABS plastic. It runs on two AA batteries, which unfortunately are not included. Still, I actually really like battery operated toys! I hate when I reach for my vibe and the charge has died. I always keep batteries on hand, so I’m solid there. This toy promises to be quiet and discreet but powerful. (I found the first two were accurate…but not the last. More on that later.) And finally, it’s waterproof, meaning bathtub play is an option!


To use The Collection, first you need to make sure there are batteries inside. Simply unscrew the sky blue base and insert two AA batteries as indicated by the signage on the inside. Then, screw the base back into place. Now it’s playtime!

The tip of the base works as the control. Simply twist it in a clockwise direction to turn the toy on and then increase the strength of the vibrations. There’s only one pattern/speed, but twisting it further to the right increases the power of the vibrations.

I loved how smooth and elegant this toy felt against my erogenous zones. However, I felt that the power was lacking. I needed just a bit more to send me over the edge. This toy provides awesome light to medium vibrations, but power queens will want to search elsewhere for the dream toy. Still, that doesn’t mean I have no use for this toy! The packaging describes The Collection as a vibe designed to pinpoint stimulation to more delicate areas – and then, instead of describing the clit, discusses use on the temples, scalp, between the brows, and jaw muscles! I’ve used this toy on my sore neck and enjoyed it as much as I did on my clit. Furthermore, the packaging promises a whisper quiet toy, and I got that with this discreet vibrator. Your roommate will never know.

Care & Cleaning

I love when my toys come with a storage bag. Unfortunately, this one didn’t. However, ABS Plastic is pretty easy to store and clean. It doesn’t pick up lint or other materials. For cleaning time, simply make sure the part that houses the batteries is safely screwed shut. Then, wipe the toy down with some soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner and gently pat dry. If you have a storage bag to keep it in, do so. Otherwise, keeping it safely ensconced wherever you keep your toys or in your bedside drawer works.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Adorable
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Great for beginners
  • Super quiet!


  • Vibrations are not strong enough for me!
  • Some may want more patterns/speeds of vibrations


While I require more power in a toy, The Collection XOXO is perfect for beginners. It’s cute and easy to use. I love that the material is body-safe and that this toy is so quiet. This is the type of toy I plan to share with a partner who is new the world of sex toys, or to recommend to someone who reveals they have never used a vibrator! Overall, for the price, I think this toy is worth a try!

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