I’ve always wanted to try out a shape wear product, because while I was blessed with big boobs and great curves, I have always been insecure about having a flat butt. So, I was so excited about the opportunity to try out the Body Shaper Butt Lifter panty, designed to give you a total lift to your behind. As soon as it came in the mail, I tried it on and asked my boyfriend how my butt looked. Confused, he said, “big” – which immediately put a smile on my face. This panty seriously works!

Note: This exact product is no longer available, but you can get a similar product on Amazon.

This butt lifter panty is perfect for a girl who’s insecure about the way her butt looks, or for someone who just wants to enhance their butt’s appearance for a night. The high compression material flattens the tummy, enhances the hips, and lifts the butt – still providing a natural look. The panty features sophisticated lace, and the entire design is meant to flatter your curves and enhance your best assets.

When using shapewear, you should be sure to fix the straps under the butt so they’re not bunched up and easily seen. Also, if you’re wearing them and you take a bathroom break, make sure that you pull them up first and secure them correctly, then pull up your pants. This is because the straps tend to stick to the thighs and don’t really work well when not properly fitted.

Pros & Cons


  • Lifts butt comfortably with a natural look.


  • Outline of panty can be seen in some tight pants (leggings)
  • The back of it is higher up than most pants, so it hangs out like a thong.


Overall, I loved the shapewear panty and WILL recommend it to anyone and everyone. The panty gave me a huge boost of confidence, and I wear it all the time now! It’s a huge plus that it’s also comfortable. I have no problems with the fabric – doesn’t itch and isn’t scratchy. It’s a snug fit, but not to an uncomfortable extent. Plus, it has to be tight to flatten the tummy, and lift the butt. I’d recommend looking at a size chart before buying though. There’s specific sizes for every different body shape and size, so you can find your perfect fit.

Note: This exact product is no longer available, but you can get a similar product on Amazon.


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