Many girls grow up having their first sexual experiences with make-shift “sex toys”. Whether it’s a vibrating mascara wand or the handle of a hair brush… so many people experiment with household objects before they even know that vibrators and dildos exist. One of the many things you might have experimented with (and possibly still use today) is the hand-held portion of your shower, or a bubble jet in the bath. Personally, I’ve never given anything like that a try… but it’s all over the internet and movies, so I’ve assumed it’s pleasurable! So, when I first saw the new sex toy “Bubble Love” – a water jet massager designed to tickle, tease, tempt, and satisfy your bits – I was instantly enamored and just had to give it a try. It was interesting, unique, and a totally cool novelty! If you’re interested in trying out a totally different sensation – or would love a toy for exclusive use in the bath – keep reading for my review below!

Unfortunately this item has been discontinued. 

Name: Bubble Love with Dilly Attachment
Type: Water Jet Massager
By: Bubble Love

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Material: Plastic
Special Features: Totally Unique, Waterproof

How It Works

The Bubble Love is a multi-part system that all comes together to blow a bubble stream of air onto your clitoris (or wherever else you’d like to put it). Unlike a water jet or a handheld shower, it’s more of a bubble jet – like the cute little fishies from The Little Mermaid are blowing on your vagina while “Under the Sea” plays. It provides a pretty powerful bubble jet stream that is less powerful than a jucuzzi jet, but more powerful than you’d imagine. If you’re wondering: can bubbles even be pleasurable?! Yes my friend, they absolutely can. But, you can use this toy for more than just bubbles – if you submerge it completely, it can also shoot out a pleasurable water jet. Here’s how it works:

1. Charge up your Bubble Love for a few hours before giving it a test run. Be aware – the charging mechanism makes some noise (described in more detail below). Also be aware that if you turn it on outside of the water, it will only work for a few seconds before turning off. (I thought my Bubble Love was broken –  but it actually has a sensor inside that will only keep it running if it’s in water. Very cool!)

2. Bring it in the bath with you, and position the bubbles over your clit! It’s really that simple.

Get Fancy

If you want to get a little more creative – Bubble Love has created some tools to help you.

I mentioned that you can also use the Bubble Love’s bubble stream as a water stream instead (should you submerge it). But above and beyond that, you can add pulse patterns to your experience, like you would have on a vibrator. To get a pulsing bubble or jet stream, simply cover the suction hole temporarily – and pulse your fingers! You can do the same thing even if you’re using the “Deep Sea Attachment” described below.

The Bubble Love is designed to be used in a shallow bath, but you can use it in deeper waters with their “Deep Sea Attachment” (that’s not the technical term). This attachment is a tube with a floaty ball on top. You stick the tube into the handle hole on the Bubble Love, and the floating all takes in air.

It’s also designed to be hand-held, but has a suction cup attachment that you can use to have a hands-free experience. When you use the suction cup on dry land, it seems a little weak and the Bubble Love is wobbly (as shown in the picture below). But when used in water, the Bubble Love is more sturdy on the suction cup – and it’s much easier to use than it would be on land. You can also adjust the suction cup to be higher or lower depending on your preference.

All of the above accessories come with the Bubble Love.

Separately, you can buy the “Dilly” attachment to the Bubble Love. It basically is as exactly described… a dildo! It fits into an attachment port under the bubble jet portion of the toy. Just like the suction cup, it’s a bit floppy when on dry land (like in the picture below), but it is totally supported and easy to use when in the bath.

Charging Dilemma

When I first opened the toy, it was uncharged (as are most toys). But, upon plugging it in, I heard this awful ringing, screeching noise that sounds exactly like the noise you hear in a movie when there’s a big explosion and everyone’s ears were ringing. My dog ran into the other room, and I turned the toy over to inspect it. The base of the toy was the loudest, but even against my carpet, the noise still rang throughout the toy. I instantly thought my Bubble Love must be defective, and wrote the manufactures. I was concerned about the sound – not only because it was annoying and unpleasant – but also in case there were any mechanical issues going on. I also sent a video of what was going on. You can download it using this link: Bubble Love Sound Video

Bubble Love’s engineer / inventor responded:

The high pitched sound during charge is louder when the unit is first placed on charge. It gets quieter as it nears full charge and then is barely audible.This is due to the type of rapid battery charge design. It is a pulsed charge circuit to allow Bubs to recharge within 3 hours if the battery is totally drained.

They noted that most of the units make that sound, and that it’s “most likely a bug in the first production run of Bubble Love, which will be rectified in all the new runs.” I was glad to hear that it wasn’t harmful to the toy, but that didn’t fix my immediate issue. It was annoying and loud – and my apartment is really small – so instead of being able to plug it in and go about my day, or plug it in while I was asleep, I waited until I was away on an overnight trip to give it a full charge (about 3 hours). They were right – by the time I returned home, the noise was gone!

If you can charge it in another room or while you’re out of the house – it’s no problem. But, this is definitely an issue for anyone who lives in a dorm, with their parents, or somewhere else where they can’t have a non-discreet charging option. This is especially worth mentioning since it happens across all toys. I really hope they fix the issue in future models.

Pros & Cons


  • Really unique concept
  • Completely waterproof
  • Unique sensations


  •  Charging mechanism has a high pitched squeal
  • Sensation is very tickling, not pleasurable all the time
  • Attachments don’t always stay in place


The Bubble Love is one of those totally unique toys that must have been made by someone who truly loves toys. You can tell that the maker put their heart and soul into it, and thought of every fun little way to make it better to have pleasure in the bath. It’s incredible that it’s totally submergible – and I love that the Deep Water attachment, Dilly attachment, and suction cup can be combined to give you a different experience every time. The bubbles were strong, tickling, teasing, and a completely new sensation for me. It will take a bit of practice for me to stop giggling from the bubbles, and submit myself to orgasm completely… but they definitely gave me a unique sensation unmatched from any other toy, and teased me so much that my orgasm was just on the edge, and only needed a bit of a helping hand to go all the way. I would absolutely recommend this toy to anyone who’s down to try a novel experience that tickles, tempts, and pleases you in a way that is totally out of the ordinary!

Unfortunately this item has been discontinued.


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