You may have a collection of sex toys, and among those sex toys may be a bullet vibrator. Maybe your bullet isn’t a toy that you’ve played with in a while. It’s also possible that you don’t have any sex toys and you’re wondering where to start. If you don’t already have a bullet vibrator, I’m going to tell you exactly why you need one. If you already have a bullet vibrator, I’m going to remind you how great these essential, basic toys are.

Bullet vibrators are extremely versatile! You may look at the small vibe and wonder where to start. Don’t let the size of this vibe keep you from enjoying all it has to offer. It may be small but it is mighty. The vibrations in a bullet vibrator are anything but small and weak. Once you learn the right way to use your bullet vibe, it’ll be your go-to sex toy the next time you find yourself needing a release. There are so many benefits of a bullet vibrator.

Easily Stored/Easy to Travel

Your bigger sex toys are great, but some of them may be too big to store easily – let alone try and travel with. Your bullet vibrator is small enough to be easily stored in any place. Your bedside drawer may be the best place to keep your toy so it’s always within arm’s reach, whereas your suction cup dildo may be too big to fit in the same drawer. Whenever you’re in the act and you need a vibrator, it’s always good to have one within reach and the small bullet vibrator will be easy to snag quickly.

Traveling can be a pain, especially when you think you have to leave your trusty vibe at home. Can you imagine putting your suitcase on the conveyer belt just for them to open it and see the extra long toy you couldn’t leave home without? Even if you’re over the whole sex toy stigma, you’re bound to raise a few eyebrows. Bullet vibrators are small enough to hide in the pocket of your suitcase without sending the security guard over to open your bag. Pack your bullet vibrator along for the ride, (pun intended) without worry.

Heightened Foreplay

Your bullet vibrator is great to use to increase foreplay. You can have your partner hold the toy to one of your nipples while they suck the other. Your partner can slowly run the small vibe from your nipple, down your stomach, and to your groin. By the time your partner reaches your clitoris with the vibe, you’ll be begging for a release. If you enjoy backdoor play, have your partner slip the small vibe into your backdoor while they use their fingers for frontal action.

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While using your hand to play with your partner during foreplay, you can also use the vibrator and increase foreplay for them. If your partner has a penis, slowly move the vibe from the top of their sex all the way to the bottom. When you hold the bullet vibe to their family jewels, they’ll be begging for the same release. A bullet vibrator can take your foreplay game from good to great. After using a bullet vibe once during foreplay, you’ll make sure it’s always within reach for the next time.

Oral Sex

Bullet Vibrators are great to use during oral sex. They are small enough that they are easy to hold when you go down on your partner. If your partner has a penis, you can hold the bullet vibrator to the outside of your cheek when your partner is inside of your mouth or even hold the vibrator directly to the base of their penis so they feel the vibrations through their entire sex. To really make their toes curl, on an uncircumcised partner, slide the skin of their penis down to the base while you suck the head and hold the bullet vibrator to their dangly bits. Be cautious though; they may not be able to hold their release in!

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When your partner goes down on you, they can slide the bullet vibe inside of you while they let their tongue do its normal work. They can also hold it to your clit for extra sensations. Some people may not enjoy anal sex, but still enjoy back door play. Usually, bullet vibes are small enough that some who don’t enjoy anal sex do enjoy sliding a small bullet vibe in. If your bullet vibe is in your backdoor while your partner’s mouth is licking your front area, you’ll probably see stars with the intense sensations!

During Sex

Would you be surprised if I told you that you can use bullet vibrators during sex too? The options are limitless! You can have your partner hold the vibe to your nipples while you’re having sex for extra stimulation. Your partner can slide the small vibe into your backdoor when they’re in your front. You can hold it to your clit for extra sensations around your vagina. If you’re on top, place the bullet vibe on your clit and it should stay without you holding it in place. If your partner is on top and leaning up, you may have to hold the bullet vibe in place. However, if your partner lays down on top of you, the vibe should stay just where you leave it.

If you’re doing it in a position where you’re able, such as doggy style, you can hold the bullet vibe to your partner’s balls, should they have them, to create more stimulation for them. Sex toys such as bullet vibrators aren’t meant to replace your partner during sex. They’re meant to enhance your sexual experience. Don’t put the bullet away when foreplay is over; let it stay along during the sex activities too!

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As you can see, if you don’t already have a bullet vibrator, you definitely need to invest in one. Bullet vibes are easily stored and easy to travel with. If you travel often for leisure or business, this benefit alone is enough to make you want to own one… or three. Bullet Vibes are extremely versatile toys that can be used during foreplay, oral sex, and penetrative sex. If your partner doesn’t normally like sex toys, they’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the bullet vibe. Provided that you already have a bullet vibe, climb under your sheets tonight and have some fun! Remind yourself just how important your bullet vibe is. Enjoy your time with this multi-talented toy. Always remember to keep it within reach so you can grab it, anytime. The last thing you want to do in the heat of the moment is waste time trying to find your trusty vibe.


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