Congratulations on being the group’s organizer! Brace yourself for a lot of challenges and fun things to plan for your girl bestie. Of course, you would do anything for your bride-to-be and you wanted it as seamless as possible. There’s a lot of perks in party planning – bonding with the girls, taste test, checking some naughty items for the hen, and a lot more. But as they say, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, because you will be challenged – a lot of times. From your decision making to planning and organizing. You will be in for a surprise of your life also. I will let you in for a little secret – don’t overthink and make this harder for everyone else. Because ladies in your group would just want a cheeky and fun time with the rest of the ladies – more so with the bride.

Here are cheeky ideas that will surely be a hit among the ladies. No questions asked.

Male Revue Stage Show

Who doesn’t want sexy, irresistible men in a stage show for a night of performance and partying? Get the best package for your hens night like unlimited drinks, foods and an after-party in a club. Surprise your hen and girlfriends with a private dance from one of the hunk guys and you will have a night to remember!

Playboy bunny costume party

Want the next big bash for your bride to be? Get on with a costume party and photo session with a playboy bunny theme party! You only need simple items like magazine covers as props, classic drinks or sparkling to prepare. The great thing about this theme is you don’t need to spend a lot on the costume. Go through the closet, and look for anything sexy and be creative to mix and match your outfit. If you want great photos from this event, boudoir-style, prepare a backdrop and have an extra phone or camera-ready in one corner for the photoshoot until your heart desires.

Burlesque theme

Add some glamor to your hen’s party with the burlesque theme. This classic vibe has been the favorite theme for every party because it is easy to pull off. Go on a little shopping with your friends for the perfect costume and some props. Be creative and create your venue into a sultry burlesque party hall. Pro tip: Lighting, feathers, candles and furniture in gold color will do the trick!

Twerk Dance Class

Book yourselves in a 30-minute dance class featuring how to twerk and have this skill for the rest of your life. Laugh, shake your booty, and drop your asses when you learn to twerk to be guided by professional instructors. Feature each member of the group with a short video and have someone edit it ala-burlesque film. Aside from a remembrance, you can have something to watch later for when you want a funny reminder of the night that has been.

Prepare a sassy “loot bag”

Bachelorette parties often allot a budget to prepare a “loot bag” to commemorate the evening that has been. You can include many shenanigans such as skin care products, naughty items like sweet treats in phallic shape, among others. The best loot bag should contain things the bride can be found useful but cheeky also. So, why not give her something useful and fun at the same time? Pleasure products like the Satisfyer Pro 2 are the bestseller in giving quick but quality happiness for the ladies. If your bride is the classic girl, then buy her a wand instead that can massage not just her body but everything down there. She will love it, we promise!

Pulling off a bachelor party should be simple but fun and cheeky. Find out what the bride wants and make her the happiest girl on earth before you send her off to marriage land. Ultimately, it’s the celebration and bonding that matters. It’s the details that make the planning challenging but worth it when the party becomes a talk amongst your group to remember forever.

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