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Sex is a natural and beautiful part of our lives, yet often, finding sex-positive, responsible outlets to explore our desires can feel like a difficult task. CHEEX is a new platform dedicated to breaking the taboo around exploring sexuality and desire. They’re tackling the stigma around sex by building an online community full of educational resources, plus audio and visual content designed to tantalize all your senses and expand your erotic awareness as you watch, listen, and learn all about sexuality.

Experience CHEEX

CHEEX breaks up their content into three categories, Watch, Listen, and Learn. You can freely explore this virtual safe space, whether you’re looking for arousing entertainment or educational articles. Scanning through what they offer, the content is hand picked and curated to stimulate all your senses and bring an independent and creator-affirming approach to content that honors the user’s desires and interests in a very approachable and beautifully designed way.


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Upfront and center is the Watch tab, where you’ll find a wide variety of carefully curated erotic films from independent artists and production companies. You can scroll through categories like Anal, Couple, Gay, Lesbian, Kinky, and more to find what you like. Or you can browse their Trending and New Movies section.

Part of what makes CHEEX unique is the quality of porn that they offer, not just in the professional sense but in representation. All of the films are ethically produced and there’s diversity among the performers. You can enjoy more traditional depictions or sex or explore a more artistic or homemade flair, while enjoying someone who looks more like you than you may find on most other sites.

Whichever category appeals to you, the style of porn in CHEEX is much different from other sites. CHEEX describes it as aesthetic erotica, and a lot of the films have a more artistic feel to them. A few are even award winning short films. Most of the videos are a good length, ranging from about 10 minutes to 30+ minutes. Many of the films do have jump cuts and or dive into the middle of the fun without much of a build-up, which may be a pet peeve if you prefer more entry into your erotic experience. It could take watching a few videos to get settled into the artistic style of independent film, especially if you’re accustomed to mostly mainstream porn. 


Right under Watch is Listen. Here you can enjoy erotic audio stories and immerse yourself in a world of desire and pleasure auditorily. Going into this experience, I thought it was going to be a sultry voice reading a sexy erotic story, but it has more of an ASMR feel that walks you through a virtual adventure. The reader is whispering or talking softly to really immerse you in the scenario as if it were happening in real-time.

The stories aren’t broken out into categories, or you can just scroll through them all, reading the title and brief description to give you an idea of what it’ll be about. They also say whether you’ll be listening to a female or male voice which is helpful if you have a preference. The stories feature all kinds of scenarios, from a couple lying in bed in the morning, or a late-night booty call. You’ll also find classics like cozying up to a fire in a cabin getaway or public sex fantasies.

I like that you really get a full story here; you aren’t just thrown into the middle of the fun. You get to experience the whole scenario from the beginning with build-up. Most of the stories are 10-15 minutes long so there’s plenty of time to really get into it, some are even closer to 30 minutes. If you enjoy ASMR, you’ll definitely love what Listen has to offer. Use headphones to get the max immersive effect of the experience!


On Cheex, you’ll also find the Learn category. This is where the more educational content of CHEEX lives. You’ll find articles and interviews on everything related to sexual wellness, pleasure, and more broadly what’s currently happening in the media, like new regulations being imposed by Instagram and how that’s affecting businesses. There are articles surrounding every topic, porn, masturbation, BDSM, relationships, mental health, and a lot more. They are very engaging and make for an easy read. This section is really what gives CHEEX a more holistic feel and adds to being a safe judgment-free space for everyone to explore their sexuality and pleasure!


CHEEX adult entertainment website


The Online Experience

CHEEX is a membership-based platform, so in order to access their content you need to make an account, which starts with a free trial. Once you’ve registered you have full access, and it’s all ad-free with no pop-ups, no banners, just a welcoming, crisp, and easy to navigate site with an array of resources and erotic adventures to explore.

The warm color scheme of the site gives it an inviting appeal, and the clean-cut design allows you to easily find what you like. All the content is simply organized, and it doesn’t feel cluttered. That alone is a nice change of pace. It’s also optimized for mobile, which makes it easy to explore and play on the go.


cheex adult entertainment website



CHEEX offers a virtual erotic haven to explore pleasure and desire openly and without judgment. They simply dismantle the many taboos around sex just by presenting it in its natural form and supporting education and empowerment themes along the way. It’s really easy to navigate and find what you’re looking form, and explore their carefully curated library mindfully as they continue to add new content regularly. Get access to an extended 14-day free trial with our exclusive code “slvtty”!


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