I want to get this out of the way up front, I put this in my vagina initially, with the tail tickling my asshole. I don’t know if I was hornier vaginally or if I wasn’t thinking, but it didn’t occur to me that the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.oh Hero was a butt plug. The good news is, it’s very versatile! I came both ways once I figured it out. Hear more about how it worked for me (and how it’s supposed to work) below.

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Name: Club Vibe 3.oh Hero
Butt Plug

Hearts: 4 Hearts
4 Stars
4 Devils
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2.75 Bees

A Hero’s Tale

This is a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. Oh, YEAH! As I learned, it also works as a vaginal internal vibrator. Hey, why not put it in all my holes to test it out for our SGP readers? We’ll go with that.

The Club Vibe is made from body safe silicone and recharges via a small water-safe input that plugs into a regular USB port. It actually is quiet and stays charged a LONG time. The remote charges on the same cord as the plug, so there’s no keeping track of multiple cords.

The remote control is easy to figure out, but unfortunately, the plug doesn’t work without the remote. I brought the plug with me on vacation, but not the remote, and could turn it on but wasn’t able to make it vibrate sans remote.

If I had brought the remote, here’s what my vacation partner could have experienced:

  1. Low steady mini-pulse vibrations
  2. Medium steady mini-pulse vibrations
  3. High steady pulse vibrations
  4. Longer equal interval pulses
  5. Steady low, high pulses
  6. High to low waves
  7. Long interval pulses, then short interval pulses
  8. Rolling low to high with a short break
  9. Steps, low – medium – high
  10. Low high quick interchanges

Shape & Material

The Club Vibe Hero butt plug is shaped like a small but regular shaped lightbulb if you stretched it vertically. It Inserts very easily and for someone with sometimes-anal practice, it can be the first toy you warm up with. It has a tail on the front, that runs up towards your clit/balls depending on your genitalia.

The black silicone is easy to clean and the unit stores small. The whole unit vibrates, though it’s obvious the motor is in the plug. Every time I use a butt plug that vibrates, I always wonder why I use any other type. This was no exception to the rule.

My Experience

This is a great little toy, anally and vaginally. The remote is not hard to pair or figure out, unlike some other Bluetooth vibes I’ve used. The vibrations are the right strength for internal pleasure, in my opinion. They don’t make you feel like your brain is going to vibrate out of your head, but you won’t forget about it either. I wouldn’t go so far as to use this an external clit stim, for very long anyway, but I have no complaints.

The vibe works well with lube, doesn’t hurt to walk around with or sit with, and has a super long battery life. I was pleasantly surprised!


This is silicone, so simple soap and water will do the trick. Don’t soak it – there’s no need, just wash it thoroughly and set to dry.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • All silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Submersible
  • Ball/Clit stimulation


  • Doesn’t work without the remote


This is a great butt plug for anyone, beginners or butt sluts alike! The remote control aspect is great and makes for I-can-not-get-a-hand-cramp style play. Now you can use one hand to play with your other goodies and one to hold your partner/phone. The remote control doesn’t lose charge quickly, nor does the unit itself. It also works inside the vagina with the “tail” tickling your asshole. I love this vibrating beauty!

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